Dead Frontier 2 – Guide & Tips (New Players)

Dead Frontier 2 - Guide & Tips (New Players)
Dead Frontier 2 - Guide & Tips (New Players)

What we know so far for quests and how to play.


Quests reset daily and NPCs change their location.

Find Eva walls:

Travel to sunny dale apartments and find eva walls for lucia walls dallbow.
Eva is found 2nd floor of sunny dale apartments by killling zombies, they have a chance to drop a name tag.
Take this to lucia walls in dallbow police department to complete the quest.

Clear the donut king for paxton herring dallbow:

Clear the donut king including the miniboss and return to him for the reward completion.

Hints & Tips


  • If a body has it’s jaw moving it is a zombie and will awaken when you go near to it and attack. 
  • To stay in touch with other players you can send them a mail at the mailbox in dallbow police department or haverbrook hospital, these do not delete as far as i can see so can track friends until a friends feature is released. 
  • Sprinting with shift requires the sprinter skill first. 
  • Listing items high on the trader can be used as extra stash inventory, each safezone/outpost has a seperate trader meaning more slots to list items, these traders only cater to their own area. 
  • Your vehicle also has inventory slots as well as your account stash. 
  • Bosses and zombies in level 5 or above areas drop small worms upon death that can be difficult to see and fight, they take one hit to kill and if timed properly, the kickboxer attack can stomp them easily. 
  • Each outpost account stash is seperate. 
  • When you die you will lose 50% of xp since last visiting an outpost. 
  • The small grey buildings in haverbrook near the entrance contain only 3 rooms, one is a boss room, it is easy to rush and search through both to get the key and fight the boss for easy decent loot. 
  • A blue star on a door means another player is in that area/room. 

Safezones / Outposts:

  • Dallbow police department (starting area dalbow). 
  • Haverbrook memorial hospital (level 10).
  • Greywood (level 20).
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