SCUM – Deficiency / 0% Energy

SCUM - Deficiency / 0% Energy
SCUM - Deficiency / 0% Energy

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To end a deficiendy you need to keep the thing at more than 100%, then aftert a quite long period (some hours) the dificiency will end by a -100% of the thing so you need to be way more than 100% to be safe.

  • Dont use salt.
  • Always try to eat more vegetables than meat.
  • Dont put fat on meat if you’re not about to get fatty.
  • If you need shugar eat shugar.
  • Water from lakes get lot of minerals but get diarhy if you drink too much but seems to disapear with time.
  • Crakers and sugar food is a good way to stop starvation within adding nutriments.

Basically dont get in deficiency if you’re about to play a healthy character.

SCUM - Deficiency / 0% Energy
SCUM - Deficiency / 0% Energy

* Just cured calcium and K vitamin deficiency on the screens ant turned to 0% energy (since a day) to 100%.

  • Every vitamins can be found in mushrooms (not shure fot K but its an easy to find one).
  • Every minerals can be found in “dirty” water.

Still dont know how to lower sodium, drinking a lot dont work.


If you’r stuck at 0% energy you need to be at 100% target on BCU monitor and treat all your defiencys.
You should not have more than 2 or 3 deficiencys in your sickness.

Taking shots or being too much injuried can turn your energy to 0% in a second.


  • Killing and turning animals into food will increase your survival skill crafting too.
  • Cooking and eating increase cooking as well.
  • Runing increase your speed and your endurance plus get fat away.
  • Shooting increase shooting skills same for sniping.
  • Being in a uniform camo will increase camo.

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  1. Keaz, thank you so much for this little guide to Scum island and the horror that the daily nutrient search brings. I enjoyed your spelling of sugar, since it sounds just like it is pronounced. English is a very peculiar language.

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