In Your Realm – Monster Guide

In Your Realm - Monster Guide
In Your Realm - Monster Guide

This guide is aimed at explaining, and give some tips for defeating, some of the most prevalent encounters in the first 5 worlds. This hopefully helps out with the steep learning curve in the beginning.

Bone World

Dark and haunting, the Bone world represents the fear of death.

Zombies have no emotional attachment to their heads, so will throw them at you, often on first sight. Stay at good range to take care of their heads, since they are unblockable (see in-game tutorial).

On the Stretch bench they will throw eyes at you from the jar on the floor. The projectiles can be blocked. Using the activation key (G) on them will activate the stretch bench and put them out of their misery.

Assassins use deception and bleed attacks. They only attack straight but can sometimes teleport to backstab you. Their coffins spawn ghost assassins from the direction the cloud is facing. When they light up, be sure to notice the direction of the attack and block it.

The witch judges distance for her voodoospell using her bat. Staying outside the bats radius will let you take care of her dolls without her interruption.

Bats telegraph their jumpattack with a screech. Blocking has no effect here. Sucking bats can only be dealt with by moving them toward a wall or pillar, so that they fall off. Also be aware of the Necromancer sometimes using their corpses for his corpse explosion spell. After a kill, leg it.

Ice World

Cold and desolate, the Ice world represents the super ego.

The Icetrolls are diverse. They shoot unblockable ice spells, hits with their long cane and sets fire to their sheep. They also command the sheep to swarm you or surround them. Dodge their spells, stay clear of the sheep when they burn and block their cane attacks.

Icedillos are small creatures that use a predictable movement pattern and throws their tails at you. They apply a slow on hit. Keep a good eye on them, block their projectiles and hit them when they are stationary.

The Hermit is sharp and uses a suction skill that can be deadly if you are slowed or walking on ice. They can only be damaged with normal attacks if you target their eyes. Letting them use their suction skill and then prepare an attack is one way to deal with them.

The Ice ettin uses a smashing attack that cannot be blocked (over the head). It can also shake the ground to cause an ice storm.
The Ice elemental uses normal attacks until it transforms. It can then spawn and throw snowballs that can be blocked. When it dies it creates a pool of ice that is slippery.

Lava World

Hot and full of lava, the Lava world represents the ego.

The Lavaarcher telegraphs his ranged attack by first summoning a bow and arrow. Keep track of him at all times and listen to the attack. The projectiles move fast and often needs to be blocked.
The Lavadrake ejects lavaballs on the ground or aimed on you. They cannot be blocked initially but stick on you until they explode. The explosion can be predicted and blocked.

The Lava elemental uses normal attacks until at half life. They then throw lavaballs while attacking, that work the same as the Lavadrake’s. Blocking works well in their first form but dodging and hitting, better when they transformed.

The Lavaboy explodes in anger and can easily be avoided by taking a few steps back. When he is about to die though, he explodes in a last kamikaze run that needs to be sidestepped at distance.

Lavapapa bleeds lava in the direction he is hit, so choose wisely the direction of attack. He also push you with his belly, so keep track of whats behind you when facing him. He telegraphs a charged attack that cannot be blocked.

The Welder uses fireattacks that needs to be dodged. Stay away from the tanks that explode on impact from the fire.

Mech World

The Mech world is eternal, everchanging and confusing. It represents envy.

The Glassball is what lights up the room when its present and causes darkness when killed. Be sure to keep in memory where everything is positioned when you kill more than one of these.

The transformer is tough to run down and will transform and shoot blockable projectiles. Quickly dispatching with them after transforming ensures that they dont overcrowd you from every direction.

The Lasertank shoots extremely fast unblockable rows of light in a straight direction. Baiting them and staying away from their straight line of attack while working hooks works well.

The Co-op mechs work together to execute one of three attacks. Paying attention to what colors they have when combining and which one is dominant will help you to deal with them.

The Mortar shoots unblockable rockets that fly so high up you cannot see them until it’s too late. Listen to them closely and keep track of them to know when they fire.
The Tesla uses the nodes to transfer electricity. Keep track of all the nodes and stay clear of their line to the Tesla.

Cave World

The Cave world represents greed and is full of sparkling crystals and limitless riches.

The Larvamother does no harm herself but breeds annoying larvas. They come in two types. One is green and uses straight melee attacks that stun for a short duration and the other is yellow and shoots blockable projectiles. Take care of her directly to avoid a deadly swarm of larvas.

The Poisonchef can apply poison to larvas, that makes them poisonous when hit. When he feels threatened he pours poison all over himself and goes on the attack. When he does, stay at a distance to avoid getting poisoned, he will die from the poison eventually.

The Octopus is adaptable and does not only reside in the Cave world. It uses an unblockable grabattack that keeps you in place. It can also spew oilclouds that mess up your vision. Running out of the cloud will restore good vision. Be careful when facing them while close to other threats.

The Cave frog uses an unblockable tounge attack in straight lines. Avoid lining up with it. Use hooks from the sides and be sure to walk on it’s eggs before they hatch. Not doing this aggressively will swarm the room with small frogs that can be hard to handle.

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