Two Point Hospital – General Tips

Two Point Hospital - General Tips
Two Point Hospital - General Tips

Collection of General Tips.


GP/Diagnostics Traffic

Patients will go back and forth between GP’s office’s, diagnostics rooms and the ward. Expect this. The closer these thing are together the less travel a patient will do. If they are spread over multiple buildings a patient will walk from GP in one building to ward in another and then back again.

Avoiding Food/Drink/Boredom Chaos

I’ve found that placing vending machines, magazine racks and other items after around level 8 causes patients to hold up there treatment to go eat something, sometimes when they are about to die. It sometimes causes them to group in corridors and get passing patients stuck too. I’ve found that just removing all food/drink/boredom items makes people less happy, but if keeps your queues drastically lower. I’m testing the use of “indoor fountains” at the moment as a way of mitigating the worst of it.

Treatment Only Centres

Some rooms, like the Pharmacy and De-Lux Clinic are “Treatment only”, ie they do not provide diagnostics and therefore patients will only go there if they need healing. If you place all of these in a building on their own, they don’t get in the way of the crucial diagnostics. I bunch up all my GP, diagnostics and ward rooms together to speed up diagnosis.

Treatment only include:

  • Pharmacy
  • De-Lux
  • Pans Lab
  • Clown Clinic
  • Chromatherapy
  • Fracture Ward
  • Injection Room
  • Pest Control
  • Surgery
  • Shock Clinic
  • Head Office


Most of the people you hire come with random stats. If you don’t mind micromanaging a little you can hire less trained people and train them yourself with Training Rooms. If you add lots of encyclopedia II’s you will get a training increase (4k for +4%). I’m still experimenting with the “returns” on this. I put in 100ks worth of encyclopedia’s in the room and all training completes within 20days, but I’m not sure how much lower you can get it, if there is a limit or if I’ve overspent.

Level Differences

Every level has different frequencies of patient types. You have to adapt your strategy to deal with the primary customer type. You wont always need to build a Pharmacy for instance. You may have 2 ward patients a year, you may have tons. Test the water and build to scale.

Send patients home

There is no downside to sending poeple home, you just get no more money from them. If someone is about to die, or leave, send them home.

You don’t need to build everything

If you only see 1 patient with Pan Demic in the year just send them home. You don’t need to build a Pans Lab for that one guy. It cost you money and raises your Level. Focus on the primary types of people for your given level. In Smogley, for instance, I only build a ward, fracture ward and surgery (and a head office for a little while) and sent home the few other patients that didn’t fit these buildings. It then allows you to focus on your staff’s best traits.


My partner has a theory that you don’t need to build all the different types of diagnostics rooms, you just need to have some high-tech ones. I’ve tested this and it seems to be sound. For instance, I have GP’s offices, a couple of X-Rays and a fluid analysis and maybe see 1 patient a year go home needing further diagnostics. I’m not sure if you need some variance or if you can just have many of the same type however.

Research Cheat

There are a couple of ways to “cheat” your way through research. If you work on Mitton University and get 5 level5 researchers, you can learn pretty much everything fast. If you then go to a new level that has a new technology to research but you dont want to commit resource/time to it, start the research and then go back to Mitton and select the research desk. You’ll see that the research item is now learnable (and fast) at Mitton. You can now sell all research stuff in the new level.

Prestige Bumping

To get a room to level 5 prestige, put multiple Gold Star Awards around the room side-by-side. You can easily fit enough of these in a 3×3 room to bump the level to the max.



  • Train with specifc GP traits to at least lvl3 and assign to only work in GP.
  • Train some with diagnostics only to work in high-tech diagnostics like xray.


  • Hire in “allrounder” doctors with random traits. Focus on training specialists.



  • Put chairs in their rooms (stops them from wandering off when idle).
  • Train a couple of nurses with the ward trait to at least lvl3 and assign only to ward and fracture ward work.


  • Put plants in their rooms (distraction).
  • Put lockers in their rooms (distraction).



  • Train the Customer Service trait. It makes them reception much faster.
  • Get a marketing expert and get them to pull in more patients for an illness you can handle extremely efficiently. Check the illness tab in game to see what your doing best at.


  • Assign to cafes… absolute choas will ensue.



  • Make sure you have at least one person with ghost hunter… people die…
  • Occasionally upgrade diagnostics and treatment machines, especially if heavily used.


  • Have hundreds of plants. They will spend all their time watering them whilst the hospital falls appart.
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