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Green Hell - 10 Best Tips

Game:   Green Hell  |  Sep 3, 2018   
Green Hell - 10 Best Tips

Hello my name is SoUlFaThEr and I would like to offer you my 10 Best Tips to help you survive the first week of Green Hell.

Quickly Now, Your Sanity Needs You!

I hope this helps you. I chose to make a Video Guide because this is less than 8 minutes of your life and the best 10 tips you are ever going to get for surival mode. Without them, you might waste a great deal of time failing miserably. We all know how important time is, so I spent an entire day making this so you wouldn't have to read a wall of text for an hour with with possibility of forgetting most of it.

Written by SoUlFaThEr

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