ARK: Survival Evolved – Tips and Tricks

ARK: Survival Evolved - Tips and Tricks
ARK: Survival Evolved - Tips and Tricks

This is a guide for players old and new talking about tips and tricks that I have learned through my various playthroughs of ARK.

Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, I’d like to start off by saying that this is my first guide so thank you all for giving me a chance. And without further adeu let’s get right into it.

1. Don’t kill dodos. I know that this might sound counter-intuitive to what you’ve probably been told, but dodos are actually quite useful when tamed. At least the females are. You see, when you combine a dodo egg, a rockcarrot, some cooked meat, some fiber, some mejoberries, and a filled waterskin in a cooking pot you get dodo egg kibble which is useful for taming three dinosaurs. It’s useful for taming the mesopithicus which can be a very good shoulder mount since it has a ranged attack that slows any dinosaurs it hits. It’s also useful for taming the itchyosaurus which is a very fast water dinosaur with a very low level saddle for early underwater exploration. Finally it’s also good for taming pteranodons, the earliest flying mount in the game which brings me to my next point.

2. Tame pteranodons. Lots of them. I know that they aren’t exactly the greatest fliers in the world, but if you have a large pack of them you can fly on one and have the others follow behind you. This allows you to fly up to mountains and the volcano where you can gather lots of obsidian and crystal with very little risk. The pteranodons that you’re not riding can carry all of the weight so that you can gather large quantities without worrying about overencumbering your mount since they have a very low base capacity.

3. Stay out of the water as much as possible. And I’m not just talking about the ocean, I mean all water, the shallows especially. Sure it may not seem like a threat at first, but be warned that both mantas and pirannahs can, and do, live in shallow water, and they can both kill you very quickly. On land you may be in danger from carnivores, but at least you can run from them, but in the water you’re stuck with your slow swimming speed which is a big problem if you’re still a ways from the shore. It’s best to avoid getting your feet wet.

4. Bolas actually work on more dinosaurs than you might think. They won’t work on somthing like triceratops’, but they will work on other animals such as the baryonyx and raptor which makes it helpful if you don’t want your face to get ripped off. It also works on a lot of animals that run away from you like parasaurs or moschops or even pteranodons which makes it easier to kill them or to knock them out and tame them. Next time you wanna tame or kill something maybe try it out to see if it works on them.

5. Having trouble taming a pegomastax? Stick 20 mejoberries in your last hotbar slot. For some reason when they take 20 mejoberries their taming meter doesn’t go down, and that should leave you with plenty more berries for them when they decide they want more. Also make sure to follow them closely so that you don’t lose them and they have easy access to their next set of berries.

6. Tame a moschops. Seriously, any level one will do. They have pretty good base stats and you can ride them without a saddle. It might take a little bit of doing since they might require something you can’t just get them at the time, but if you manage to tame one early enough they can be a big help. Not only can they harvest berries and fiber, but the amount of chitin they can gather from trilobites can make mid-game cement paste crafting a breeze, as well as any armor/saddle that requires chitin to make it.

7. Keep two bows, crossbows, or rifles on you at all times. This may sound like a waste of resources at first glance, but if you load one with normal ammo, the other with tranq ammo, and keep both on your hotbar then it’ll make switching between the ammo types a breeze.

8. If you find an otter tame it. Otters, if you keep them on your shoulder, will give you hypothermic and hyperthermic insulation proportional to its melee damage. With a sufficently high enough level otter you could walk around in the snow naked and still never be cold.

9. Phiomias are essential for farming. If you want to farm then get phiomias. If you give phiomias stimberries and forcefeed it to them they produce a large quantity of feces which can either be turned into fertilizer with a compost bin, or put straight into the crop plots.

10. Don’t bother putting points into an irrigation system until you build a greenhouse. I’ve found that it rains often enough outside that if you keep your crop plots uncovered then you never have to worry about running out of water so putting points into irrigation engrams is a waste.

11. Narcotics. If you plan on making a lot of them, which I reccomend, then you’ll need a lot of spoiled meat. A good way of doing this is to right click on a stack of meat and click on the option that says ‘seperate all’. This will seperate the whole stack of meat into several single item stacks so that the entire stack of meat spoils at the same time instead of just one at a time.

12. If there’s a dinosaur that you want to set on wander, but don’t want to loose track of or entrap there’s a very simple solution. Stick as much weight on it as you can. If you make it overencumbered then it will no longer be able to move, but it still registers as wandering. This is useful for breeding or if you have a dinosaur like the oviraptor.

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