SCUM – How to Boost FPS

SCUM - How to Boost FPS
SCUM - How to Boost FPS

Hello, if you are here it’s because SCUM isn’t running that well on your computer. Well I have a GTX 970 4G GAMING and I also couldn’t run it well. I’ve searched on internet many ways and I couldn’t make any metheod work. So I created this one which works perfectly without much of effort 🙂

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Well, so you are here to try another metheod I can guess. I also can guess you are thinking oh this metheod won’t work too.. Well I can tell you that you are wrong! No futher time killing and let’s get into the guide!

FPS Boost

So you right now on the game with the lowest fps you have ever seen in your life and you don’t know what to do because you tested everything else already.

You just need to go on the SCUM video settings and search for RENDER RESOLUTION.

SCUM - How to Boost FPS

Good you found it! Now all you need to do is reduce that number. I use 90 or 80 that boosts me fps good enough to be playable which is 60-70fps! I tried 60 and it went to 120! but why I don’t use 60 then? Good question! That will make the textures a little bit off the quality I mean it is the same as playing on LOW settings. But I only recommend going under 70 if you really have a potato pc unless that 70 or 80 or even 90 is alright.

Here’s the difference.

SCUM - How to Boost FPS

I’ve made a video so you can check it better.

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