Stardew Valley – Tips for New Players

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players
Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players

This guide should help or assist you in this game and to have the basics down before you head in.

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When your createing your player for the game you can have the option to choose your terrain of your game.

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players

Whatever terrain you choose you will need space, on the left of the image there is a open patch of tall grass, there is a great spot to put your crops cause of the less trees around it. Later on you can clear your farm from brush if you choose to do so. (This image is to give you a example or feeling of what would be a good place to set up crops).

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players


Most people start making a chest on the first day, this is a smart choice to consider due to your lack of inventory space. As you can see it costs 50 wood therefore your gonna need to chop some trees. You will have more crafting options later on cause of the level up system but for now you are limited.

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players

Level Up System

As you can see the level up system looks complex but it really is easy to understand. How it works is lets say your going mining, the more you mine the more you will level up your mining bar. Or the more you plant seeds you will level up your farming more, leveling up will make you craft more things for the specific catorgory.

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players


When you talk to the locals you get to know them more over time. You can give them gifts hoever be carful on what gift you give them….the gift might just make a negitive affect to the relationship. Getting gifts to the locals birthdays will amazingly increase your hearts 10 times then just giving them gifts not on there birthday. There is a limit on gifts you can give to a person however overtime you will be able to give them presents.

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players

The Box

You can sell items in this box to gain money. The next day you will get a summery on what you sold and how much it was worth. You can also sell items in shops for some quick money.

Stardew Valley - Tips for New Players

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