Graveyard Keeper – Tips for Beginners

Graveyard Keeper - Tips for Beginners
Graveyard Keeper - Tips for Beginners

Basic tips for players just starting out for smoother experience.

Basic Tips

  • Don’t buy beer for Gerry, you will get it as a reward for Blacksmith quest (you need to talk to the inkeeper in the tavern). 
  • I HIGHLY recommend you to buy 2 simple iron parts from the Blacksmith at the beginning and build your furnace. Other way you may have issues with iron. 
  • North of your home there is some iron deposits that you can gather, just beware for monsters. 
  • For alpha players: now the place with iron and coal vein is no longer on the swamp, it is located in north-west edge of the map, you need to follow the road going left from your home, unblock the passage, then go left to the river, go up until you see bridge, cross the bridge and go north-west. 
  • You can gather honey from the trees with beehive on them, it’s useful for pure energy or making muffins (you need to buy the recipe from Mrs. Chain, the wife of the tavern inkeeper). 
  • Beware of the farming since it is not self-sustainable. You need 4 seeds to plant one tile but you’ll get 3 or 4 back, so if you buy just 4 seeds there’s a chance you won’t be able to plant the same tile again. And use peat if possible. 
  • Many people ask about saves: the only way to save is to go to sleep. Game saves every time you sleep 😉 
  • Some technologies have to be unlocked by quests or just talking to the right people. The two most asked for are alchemy, which we can learn from the witch at the swamps, and clay/sand gathering which we will learn after making the first quest for the Bishop and getting a second one (which will require the use of this technology). 
  • Your biggest moneymaker will be the sermons, focus on upgrading the graveyard prestige/rating and make sure you do sermon every sun-day. You can also make decent early money on burying certificates but make sure you don’t lay down just ‘any’ corpses not to hurt your graveyard rating. 
  • I know early stamina can be a drag but remember that you can upgrade your tools. New tools will make you use less stamina on associated actions (i.e. better pickaxe = less stamina on mining). 
  • Stamp to sell the meat can be aquired from guy called Snake, he comes every week to the place in your basement behind the rubble. To get the stamp you will have to help him get into the dungeon and then bring him 5 bloody nails, which are dropped by mobs on 3rd dungeon level.

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