Meadow – Finding Obelisks

Meadow - Finding Obelisks
Meadow - Finding Obelisks

Learn the best places to look for obelisks.


Finding obelisks can be tough when no one in your group knows where to look. Knowing where to find obelisks can help you lead a more organized group rather than roaming around the world aimlessly :’>.

Spring Biome

The spring biome is home to many flowers, making it a perfect place to gather essence and just relax. Gems are found in mountain areas and near rocks. Plus, the tops of mountains is a good place to look for fabled flowers. But sadly this biome isn’t the best place to look for obelisks.

Winter Biome

Chalk full of lots of small obelisks. This is a good place to go with a small group or duo. The contrast between the white of the snow and the dark grey of the obelisk makes them easy to spot.

Swamp Biome

I don’t go here very often but it seems that there isn’t as many obelisks because there is so much water. It’s a amazing place to go if you are in need of gems, lots appear here.

Autumn Biome

I’ve found that areas here differ in the amount of obelisks. The dark autumn area has very little. The “normal” autumn area has some on the hills and slopes. The foggy/misty area is plentiful in obelisks. Good place to go with a bigger group.

Something to Remember

Depending on what grove you are in, the amount of obelisks you find differ. If you are in a busy grove, the more obelisks appear. But seeing as more groups of people are finding and breaking them, it may result in less obelisks (; ;). It really depends. In my experience I’ve found that going on at later times when there are less people playing, but still a good amount of players (not too busy, not too full).

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