Ultimate Custom Night – Easy 4400 Points

Ultimate Custom Night - Easy 4400 Points
Ultimate Custom Night - Easy 4400 Points

Ive read a lot of guides on how to get 3600 points easy. So i wonderd if you could get higher then 3600 points with little effort and i found you could get 4400 points with about the same effort.

Ultimate Custom Night Guides:

The Animatronics

Ultimate Custom Night - Easy 4400 Points

  • Bonnie
  • Mangle
  • JJ
  • Witherd Chica
  • Springstrap
  • Phantom Mangle
  • Phantom Freddy
  • Phantom BB
  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Nightmare Mangle
  • Old Man Consiquenses
  • Baby
  • Enerd
  • Happy Frog
  • Mr. Hippo
  • Pig Patch
  • Rockstar Foxy
  • El Chip
  • Funtime Chica
  • Molten Freddy
  • Phone Guy

Set all to 20.

The Strategy

So it isent 0 effort but it is for 95% of it and all you have to do is at the beggining turn off the fan, turn on the power genorator,close the top vent, set a audio lure in the duct system in the left side to hold them in plase the whole night, and than go to the camera to right outside your right door to keep the plush animatronics at bay.

If you did all this right (and dee dee dosent show up) than you dont have to do anything the rest of the night.

Originaly this was 5000 points but the mask animatronics get you with no ventalation. I dont think 4400 points is the most you can get without that much effort, but that is the most i managed to find in the 10 minuts i expermented with this.

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