The Escapists 2 – Tips to Escape the Transport Prisons

The Escapists 2 - Tips to Escape the Transport Prisons
The Escapists 2 - Tips to Escape the Transport Prisons

A complex guide to show tips and tricks to the transport trains. It will also show how to escape. Enjoy…

The transport prisons are the train, plane and boat. Here are some tips to help you whizz your way free from the despicable cops.


  • Don’t worry about getting caught.
    If you get caught, don’t worry. The Contraband you are holding will be in a desk real close. However, if you are very far away, try to beat the cops down or hide in a locker. It should be very easy to get one down however you might want to do some maneuvers with two cops.
    You do not go to solitary in the transport prisons!!! Do not worry about that: it won’t happen 
  • Get weapons before beating cops down!
    The best weapons can be determined by pressing ‘e’ when held. Some good weapons are batons and crowbars because they are very common in transport prisons. 
  • Do not try and hijack the vehicle in single player!
    After getting to the wheel, it won’t let you hijack it in single player. So do not bother doing this technique. 
  • Do not try and knock crowds of cops down!
    Mate. Do I have to explain this one? Don’t be an idiot! 
  • If you are hurt, go to the medics.
    In the desk (This doesn’t always apply) in the medic room, there will be most likely First aid kits and adrenaline. Use this wisely as they are not contraband. 
  • Be stealthy if possible!
    Unless you have a weapon, try and wait until the guards are not looking. 
  • Don’t worry if you get caught!
    You can always just leave! Mwahaha… 
  • Guards don’t detect you if you walk behind them!
    Useful when the Guards start to slack off! 
  • Medic’s aren’t cops!
    The only annoying thing they do is take away the precious contraband items we barely managed to receive! (Only if your knocked out!) 
  • (Multiplayer tip) Don’t go annoying other players!
    Unless it is versus, your fellow inmates are your team! Sabotaging them only sabotages yourself! 
  • Power attack!
    Don’t use this to speed yourself up. You are faster than cops. By holding LMB, You can charge attack and get a speed boost. Then you freeze for a second. 

Ways To Escape!

Ways to escape from the train:

  • (Singleplayer) Escape by Horse. Fake carrot. 
  • (Singleplayer) Grapple away from the top of the train! Grapple hook. 
  • (Multiplayer) Hijack the Train 
  • (Multiplayer) Escape by a cabin. Crowbar the hook at the back of the train.

Ways to escape the plane:

  • (Multiplayer) Hijack the Plane. 
  • (Singleplayer) Parachute away! Make a Makeshift parachute. 

Ways to escape the boat:

  • (Multiplayer) Hijacking.
  • (Singleplayer) Jet ski! Bolts and stuff.
  • (Singleplayer) Helicopter. Might be multiplayer.
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