Ultimate Custom Night – Easy 4000 Points

Ultimate Custom Night - Easy 4000 Points
Ultimate Custom Night - Easy 4000 Points

Ultimate Custom Night Guides:


Just put these animatronics (all in 20):

  • Bonnie (the normal one) 
  • Foxy (also the normal one) 
  • Toy Bonnie 
  • Toy Chica 
  • JJ 
  • Golden Freddy 
  • Springtrap 
  • Phantom Mangle 
  • Phantom Freddy 
  • Phantom BB 
  • Nightmare Freddy 
  • Jack-O-Chica 
  • Old Man Consequences 
  • Trash and the Gang 
  • Helpy 
  • Rockstar Freddy 
  • Rockstar Bonnie (if you’re lucky Rockstar Bonnie wont appear) 
  • Rockstar Foxy 
  • El Chip
  • Phone Guy

Put Rockstar Chica if you want this will be more difficult and will just add 200 points.


Ok, so here is the strategy.

  • Put your cam in cam 05 and just see the cams if the Foxy toy is on the table (dont see cam 05 if Bonnie toy is on the table).
  • Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are the same as FNAF 2 so just put the mask when they appear.
  • When you see JJ in the right vent just close it with F key.
  • Also Golden Freddy is the same as FNAF 1 and 2 just put the monitor back up and he will disappear.
  • When you see Springtrap in the vent just close it with W.
  • Phantom Mangle will appear if you stay in the cameras too much time (also Phantom BB).
  • Phantom Freddy will appear in your office. Just shine him with the Flashlight.
  • Just shine the Freddles before they get accumulated in your office.
  • Jack-O-Chica will appear if the office is with a high temperature. Let the fan on.
  • Old Man Consequences. There’s nothing to say just press C when the fish is on line.
  • I skip Trash and the Gang because it’s pretty obvious. Just click Helpy when you see it in.
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