Five Nights at Freddy’s – 4/20 Mode

Five Nights at Freddy's - 4/20 Mode
Five Nights at Freddy's - 4/20 Mode

A guide for the later part of FNaF.

FNaF: The Later Part Guides

Five Nights at Freddys: The Ultimate Night 5-7 Guide.

Every time the camera cuts out, that is someone moving. Freddy moves when he laughs. If you let Freddy get to the East Hall corner (CAM 4B), and keep flipping up the camera on him as quick as possible, but not too quick, he can’t move. The camera feed frame has to pop up at least for a frame.

This counts as checking Foxy, and if you keep the camera on Freddy, he can’t move. This make it so you don’t have to close the right door to stay alive. Bonnie and Chica, well, the same thing goes for them as always, but even faster.

Don’t check the Left Hall corner.

Freddy laughs 5 times to get to Cam 4B, and if he laughs 6 times, he is in your room. If you flip the camera up while Freddy is in the East Hall Corner, and don’t close the door, you die.

You should flip the camera up and down with a pattern of “flick flick, flick flick, flick flick, flick flick” on Cam 4B. Cam 4B is literally the only camera needed. Only close the door when they are actually in the door-frame. You should go back and forth between the room with a “ribbon” pattern, clicking the lights on one side, using the ribbon pattern to flip the cam up and down at a reasonable pace, and click the other light. Rinse and repeat. “Pit-pats” mean movement, and you can tell if someone is still there by looking in the small window next to the door.

At this point, the game is much faster than you are used to, so keep this all in mind.

If you run out of power, do not move your cursor at all.

If you keep looking at Freddy constantly, Foxy can never move.

…or just watch this video until he gets to 6 am for the first time

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