Fable Anniversary – Hidden Giant Moon Fish

Fable Anniversary - Hidden Giant Moon Fish
Fable Anniversary - Hidden Giant Moon Fish

Location of a giant moon fish that has been missed for countless play throughs.

The Break Down

Short and sweet, but here it is. During the quest to investigate lady grey and expose her in the murder of her sister, you can find this monster of a moon fish. In the original fable, pre LTC, I have never caught a fish this size. I didn’t think they got this big in the vanilla albion and the best part about it, is it makes you wonder, how the hell did it get there?

So After you flash your lampo three times in the stables to summon Lady Grey’s sisters spirit in hopes of meeting her love again, you run up the hill to the grey manor and head down to the cellar. Now, here is why it has gone un-noticed for so long. If you pick up the letter, or you head for the stairs, a cut scene will trigger and you will never again be able to come back to this location. So before you get all click happy, smash the barrels in the room, and get the chest containing the will masters elixer.

Now, in the middle of the dirt floor there is a small puddle of water, so small you would never think to break out your fishing rod, only an idiot would try right? Well my friends, i have been an idiot for hundreds of play throughs and i will tell you what, after countless hours, and all those play throughs, thinking i have found and done it all, it was an amazing feeling to find something new.

Even if it is just a stupid moon fish, it was still a really sweet find that i had to share with you guys. It may not seem like much, but i will say i was very happy with this monster 1184.95 grams and 128cm moon fish that i basically found in a murder puddle.

Just makes you wonder if it was the fish that picked lady greys sister’s bones clean.

Fable Anniversary - Hidden Giant Moon Fish

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