Restoration – Walkthrough

Restoration - Walkthrough
Restoration - Walkthrough

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I would like to start this guide by listing these very important facts:

  1. The flying mushroom is a reference to a Shroom Face from Solenars Edge Rebirth and using it allows you to gain access to a secret optional place. Fighting Maria from Solenars Edge Rebirth is not apart of the main scenario in Restoration. 
  2. The “Credits” button at the title screen is how you quit the game. It is the “Exit Game” feature. 
  3. Fishing is not a mini game, it is one of the things required to do to make money to complete the challenges in Phren Village. 
  4. The intro and outros are designed to rhyme at the end of each sentence. 
  5. There are two endings. 
  6. Oliver can heal on the map with his magic. 
  7. You can save almost everywhere from the inventory menu. 
  8. There is a difficulty slider in options if the game is too easy or hard for you.

* You can enable it in the options menu by pressing esc and navigating there.

At the start, you play as Anna. A tutorial character and you can choose to fight the secret spider boss or shop at traveling merchant. Once, you go on ahead through the portal in the middle, you will leave Anna behind and start the journey of Restoration.


You start the game as Oliver and Penello witness their grandmother dying from her illness.
A few months later, you play as Oliver coming fresh out of a day of high school, thinking about what his Grandmother told him. So he goes on a quest past the spooky forrest to go meet up with Penello.
Take the duck boat, or flying shroom-face to cross the river. You can use the mushroom to go to the top of the school and fight Maria from Solenars Edge Rebirth.

Once you are in the Dead Man’s Forrest, you can purchase items and/or run into the man who will turn into a nightmare. After the boss fight with him, you should equip your new items by checking them out in the menu by pressing ESC. Then proceed up the path and you will then take control of Penello.


In this portion you will play as Penello. Please be prepared to run from fights in this part, as you aren’t mean’t to take some of them on until you have leveled up enough and learned certain skills.

  1. Go south and exit the area, you can obtain the chest beforehand if you so desire. 
  2. Follow the path to the right and loop around until you run behind a small kid, which will take you to the other area. Keep following the path, accross a bridge until you are infront of the small kid, who then turns into a nightmare. 
  3. Once that is done. Oliver and Penello will reunite and you can take the boat to Phren Village.

Phren Village / Ending

In Phren Village you have to complete several tasks in order to advance. If you fail just one of these tasks, you will not be able to continue. So save now. You can go fishing, play the lottery or complete challenges to earn money for upgrades and other challenges.

Phren Village

* These challenges can be done in any order.

  1. Buy the small boy outside the house medicine from the general store. 
  2. Give Tiny Tim two servings of donations inside the mess hall. 
  3. The multiple choice graveyard answer is Thedo. 
  4. Agree to deliver the letter and then talk to the cat boy again. 
  5. Go deliver the letter to the girl on the far end of town and choose the second option. 
  6. Fish/Gamble and upgrade to the best equipment. 
  7. Challenge the male to a battle. 
  8. Challenge the female on top of the cliff to a fight. 
  9. Once you are finished, it should stop raining and then proceed to Califur who is waiting on top of the mountain at the north east exit of the town.


  1. Follow Erestel path to the north west and then follow it throughout the predefined route. If you find and talk to a cat, it will take your money, the more you interact with it. Those fat cats huh? 
  2. Once you exit Erestrel Path, you will enter a spooky mansion. You can go west of the mansion for an easter egg or just proceed inside. 
  3. You will now be greeted with the final cutscene/ending. This game has two endings, depending on whether or not you win or lose.

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