Plague Inc: Evolved – Legendary Wars Scenario Story Line and Guide

Plague Inc: Evolved - Legendary Wars Scenario Story Line and Guide
Plague Inc: Evolved - Legendary Wars Scenario Story Line and Guide

This guide is for a Custom Scenario called Legendary Wars.

Main Story


Once, the Land of Legendaria was a peaceful, rich land of swaying meadows stretching to a sunny horizon. For years it has provided a safe haven for its inhabitants, Humans, Elves, and Drawves, wo although of different races lived together in peace. But one day, a portal oppened in the caves of Magma Mountain. A portal leads to a opposite of Legendaria, the Netherworld. Powerfull, Selfish, and Evil Monsters live there. They step through the gate and saw the rich land of Legendaria. They then terrorize the land, slaugthering, kidnapping, and slaving innocent lifes. Humans and other races live far away to not cause ettention the the Monsters. It was a horrible time, time with no laws..

Chapter One

5 years later…The High General and his knights are scouting in the far regions of Pelori Mountain. While High General is gone with his strong knights, the Sun Kingdom can easily be attacked by group of Monsters. Not long before High General left, an army of Skeletons led by Skully attack the Sun Kingdom. The only defense there is just a couple of Wooden Knights and untrained Archers. While the Wooden Knights are defending, Sun Kingdom Guards and a Wizard calls for help and reinforcements. The Guards turned on the Beacon to alert all kingdoms. Those kingdoms heard their message, then the races united again to take back their land.

Chapter Two

The Sun Kingdom Knights has succesfully defended their kingdom. The surviving skeletons reported to its master and other monsters, Dead Knight, Reapers, Lich, and the Necromancer are ready to stop the Legendarians to take back their land. Dead Knight transform into a silhouette to hide and call his army, the Lich wakes the ghosts, the Reapers starts roaming, and the Necromancer summons her army.

Chapter Three

After a long battle, the Legendarians are winning. But the Monsters calls their master to the Legendaria, vibrations coming from deep below, the Magma Mountain erupted. There he rise, Lord Magma. Lord Magma burns the Legendarian Army to dusts. Only one that can defeat Lord Magma, Enix the Sun Phoenix.

Chapter Four (Winning Condition)

While Lord Magma is distracted, the Legendarians found the Sun Egg to hatch the Sun Phoenix. The Sun is getting bigger and hotter, the Sun Phoenix hatched from its egg to defeat Lord Magma.

Chapter Five (Winning Condition)

As the final battle of the Legendary Wars waged on, the Monster Army was pushed back through the Netherworld Gates. All remaining monsters dissipated into ashes the moment Lord Magma was defeated. Victory was at hand!

Enix did the job for which he was resurrected; to destroy Lord Magma and seal the Netherworld Gates for good. The Sunstone was all that remained of the legendary firebird, and what was once broken was whole again. Legendarians swore to protect the Sunstone with their life. And so it was that the Legendarians were able to resurrect the Phoenix, seal the Netherworld Gates and save Legendaria from destruction. Although they each went their separate ways, they will never forget their time in the Legendary Wars.

Legendary Options (Disease Tab)


In this tab you will see one trait that says “Legendary Wars”. Once you evolve that trait, it will unlock every Transmission, Symptoms, and Abilities.

Other Transmission that unlock after Legendary Wars:

  • Castle Warning = Spores
  • Castle Reinforcement = Spores
  • Pigeons 1 = Land Transmission
  • Pigeons 2 = Land Transmission
  • Wizard’s Message = Land Transmission
  • Boats 1 = Water Transmission
  • Boats 2 = Water Transmission
  • Boats 3 = Water Transmission


In this tab there’s different types of Legendarians; Knight, Drawf, Elf, Unicorn, Golems, and Wizards.
If you upgrade the Golems and Wizard until it reach their final tier, it will unlock the Sky Angel
If you upgrade the Knight and Elf until it reach their final tier, it will unlock the Sky Assasin
If you upgrade the Unicorn and Drawf until it reach their final tier, it will unlock the Centaurs.

Upgrading Golems also will unlock the Cyclops and the Phoenix which is a Winning Condition.
In the future, Cylops will get a different winning condition.

Final Tiers:

  • Knight = Holy Knight
  • Elves = Sphinx Elf
  • Drawves = Norse Drawf
  • Unicorn = Pegasus
  • Golems = Guardians
  • Wizards = Sky Mage


In this tab there’s 2 special ability or buffs; Fauns (Infectivity) and Sprite (Lethality). These two are used in case your army got under attack by a Monster. These 2 ability can regain your Infectivity and Lethality also give you extra DNA points.

Beside the Buffs, there is also Spells which is Drug Resistance, Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle.

Other Abilities:

  • Cold Resistance
  • Sword Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Arrow Resistance
  • Total Endurance


Sometime when you evolve a symptom, it will trigger a Monster that try to make you lose the game.
Some of these monsters are; Dead Knight, Lich, Necromancer, and Reaper.

Dead Knight

Dead Knight can be awoken went you evolve Knight symptoms. Went Dead Knight has awoken there will be a news pop up saying “Silhouette of Knight are commonly seen”. Dead Knight will lower your Lethality and Infectivity.


Lich can be awoken went you evolve Solar Knight symptom. Went the Lich has awoken there will be a news pop up saying “Screams are echoing from the Ghost Town”. The Lich will lower your DNA points, infectivity, and lethality and will increase Cure Research/Monster Victory. The Lich is the second biggest threat to you while playing this scenario.


Necromancer can be awoken went you evolve the Stone Golem symptom. Went the Necromancer has awoken there will be a news pop up saying “You’re overwhelming with pain”. The Necromancer is the third biggest threat to you.


The Reaper can be very annoying went he wakes. He can be awoken at any time. Went he has been awoken, there will be a news pop up saying “Air is getting colder around you”. This what makes him very annoying, the Reaper will lower your DNA Points until it gets to a minus number. The Reaper is the 1st biggest threat in this scenario.

My advice to you is to play your cards right and these 4 Monsters can be defeated easily, evolving symptoms isn’t that easy!

Monster Victory (Cure Progress)

The Cure progress is the one you must watch for, went it gets to 100% you’re dead. But in this scenario the Cure Progress is not easy to watch for and can trick you.

The Cure Progress/Monster Victory can be stopped by Genetic Reshuffle/Spells and Genetic Hardening/Spells. Went you evolve some of the Spells the cure will sometimes be destroyed. But when you ecountered a Necromancer, Lich, or a Reaper. The cure will continue again. To stop it, there’s some spells you can unlock by evolving the Symptoms like: Holy Knight, Pegasus, and Golems.

So that might been said, there’s the Cure Progress Guide for this one complex scenario (not really actually).

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