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Jurassic World Evolution - When Progressing Tips

Game:   Jurassic World Evolution  |  Jun 13, 2018   
Jurassic World Evolution - When Progressing Tips

Handy tips for surviving the progression of each land.


  • Keep in mind that every area you go to, you share the same research progression, building unlocks and inventory.

  • So when you progress each land the first thing you need to build is the fossil extraction building. This is your crucial first step. Power it and path it so you can then click into it and access your fossil collection. Now go back to the first island which by now should have progressed fairly steadily and have surplus of money available.

  • Just stay on this island for a while, whilst you do this step (otherwise back and forth loading is ridiculous). Fill up your fossils on all those juicy expeditions, save all of the ones you dont desperatelty want to process.

  • Back to the island you built that fossil factory in, now sell them all, build an expedition center when you have enough. Copy and go back to the original island, process any new fossils but keep the excess stuff.

  • Next the research factory. Repeat. Only start researching with those first island funds.

  • Congrats, you are now boosted in the new level of your choice. This also works if you somehow run out of funds through later levels.

Jurassic World Evolution - When Progressing Tips
Written by Dead Man
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