The Forest – Beginners Tips

The Forest - Beginners Tips
The Forest - Beginners Tips


  • When you start just grab everything you can. 
  • Craft a spear (2 sticks) for easy deer and lizard kill, easy for fishing too. 
  • Watch this guide on weapon locations (modern axe and katana are easy to get even on first day). 

  • Don’t eat berries and mushrooms if you don’t know which ones are poisonous. 
  • I personally recommend going for modern axe first, easy to sneak by 2 cannibals or stealth kill them, lots of dynamite, rope for bow, 15 modern arrows, 2 electrical tapes and some other stuff). 
  • All the stuff in caves respawn when you exit cave and reenter (cannibals and mutants you kill will not respawn when you clear a cave it’s cleared permanently). 
  • If you run out of animals to hunt save, exit, reload (never happened to me, even on hard survival it’s really easy to survive). 
  • Find a pot and make stew: you can use dirty water, rotten meat and poisonous mushrooms without harming yourself by cooking it. 
  • Chose area you want to build your base wisely, there are tons of tutorials and videos about cannibal patrols and safe/dangerous areas. 
  • Make sure your base location has access to lot of trees and sticks (you are going to need tons). 
  • Wherever you cut trees cannibals will come to inspect, they don’t like their trees cut. 
  • You can use zip-lines to transport logs from great distance. 
  • If you build a base on mainland you are eventually going to get a dedicated cannibal patrol, just for you. 
  • Any kind of fire you build attracts cannibals. 
  • Mutants start spawning at day 7, be prepared. 
  • Mutants are easy to kill with bow, just find a spot they cant get to and shoot (there are a lot of cliffs you can climb and they can’t). 
  • Making bone arrows is a poor choice, you can find 50 modern arrows in film crew camp, use your bones for armor. 
  • Don’t fight cannibals with spear, it uses too much stamina and can’t block. You literally have more chances fighting with stick. 
  • When you die first time you wont lose anything, you will be transported into the cave below main village (modern axe cave), if you die again in next 48 ingame hours you will die permanently.
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