Small Radios Big Televisions – Complete Achievement Guide

Small Radios Big Televisions - Complete Achievement Guide
Small Radios Big Televisions - Complete Achievement Guide

A 100% completion guide for beating Small Radios Big Televisions, including locations for the ‘construct’ achievement.

100% Completion

Small Radios Big Televisions isn’t a very difficult or very long game, but it’s a definite acid trip while you’re going along. There’s only nine achievements, but I noticed none of the other completion guides on Steam actually told you how to complete the Construct and Optics achievements.

The Hard Achievements

There are only three achievements in Small Radios Big Televisions that do not unlock simply by going through the game from start to finish(which should take you at max about 3 hours). These are Optics, Construct, and See It All.

  • See It All – This achievement is probably the most annoying if you don’t know about it beforehand- In each level of the game there are three casette tapes, each with a video you can watch that contain D20s that let you advance through the game. Also on each level are two ‘magnetic strips’ you can click, which change what shows when you play a cassette. Don’t worry about finding them, as AFAIK you need all of them to advance through each level-but make sure that if you’ve already passed a magnetic strip to return to it whenever you find a new cassette, as you need to watch every version of each tape(3 tapes with a ‘normal’ video and 2 magnet-scrambled versions each) If you miss any, you’ll be able to jump to any of the levels to find the rest, but it’ll add to your playtime.
  • Optics – To get this achievement, you need to find at least one lens during your playthrough. The first four levels each contain one lens, which are find by clicking at a vent in the walls, which will open and allow you to pick up the lens. You can find all the locations in the achievement description below. 
  • Construct – This is the easiest achievement to miss as it requires hunting a little bit to open vents and find the lens in each of the first four factories. 
  • Square – the first lens is found in one of the many vents in the first factory. It’s not hard to find, as the working vent will highlight that it can be clicked when moused over. 
  • Triangle – Get to the second ‘face’ of the factory and take the bottom left door. The top right vent in that room opens to the lens. 
  • Hexagon – At numerous points you will use gears to solve puzzles. After you solve the puzzle you can take the gears back off the puzzle. Continue to take these gears with you- at one point you will find rooms leading to ‘registration’ after opening a large door/gate. One of the rooms just past registration requires a medium sized gear to open a shutter that contains the lens vent in the top-left corner of the room. 
  • Circle – This one was one of the easiest- After the room with the waterfall and four wheels there is a vent to the left of some blue barrels before a D20 door. The lens is in that vent.

If you collect all four lenses before finishing the fourth level, you unlock some cutscenes and the endings of the game.

The Easy Achievements

The last 6 achievements(Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Circle, Vertical, and Rewind) all unlock simply by completing the game after getting the above achievements.

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