Vampyr – How to Kill the Sewer Beast

Vampyr - How to Kill the Sewer Beast
Vampyr - How to Kill the Sewer Beast

I just fought the Sewer Dog (I believe that is what it is called if I’m to go off of what I understand from the lore so far correct me if I am wrong) and it was a darn hard fight so I’ve made this guide to help others out that are struggling with it.

Boss Fight Tactic

Here is what I did: When you first get into the arena wait for the Sewer Dog to get in the move to either the left or right and press space to teleport and do this twice in the same direction to get enough distance. By now you should have enough clearance and if it is still attacking the air walk up to it (you regen stamina while walking up to it) and attack it. If it moves away after the first attack then go backwards while pressing space then move to either the right or left depending where you have the most space. By now you should have enough time to see his next attack so if it comes towards you then press space to teleport into the direction that you are moving. It may perform one or two attacks and if this is the case then after it finished it’s attack you should already be behind it or to its side so walk towards it and attack it again (same rule applies as before – if it moves away you teleport back and wait for it to come back to you before repeating). In the case that has done more than two attacks as you teleport to the side perform one more teleport in the same direction that you teleported before and by now you should be behind it so walk up to it and then attack it. If it is still stuttering after the second attack hit him with another one then teleport back and start walking to the side and wait for it to come to you, the rinse and repeat.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Always keep an eye out on your stamina as in a few hits that thing will kill you so you don’t want to run out of stamina next to it. Also walking will regen your stamina so if you don’t think you have enough stamina then that means that you don’t have enough stamina so don’t risk it just keep walking to the side in a circle around it until you do while teleporting every few seconds. 
  • The Sewer Dog has a nasty stun followed by an attack so don’t push your luck and if you were lucky enough to land 3 hits then get the hell out of there because if it lands a stun and follows it up with an attack combo you will have lost most of your health. 
  • If you are going to teleport backwards then perform this action twice or after the first teleport backwards the teleport to the side that you have most space. Remember that it can teleport as well and if you only teleport back once and expect to be far enough… well… let’s just say that you will have made a painful mistake.
  • Try and kite the beast at the centre of the arena and keep him there by moving around it in a circle as this way you will have more space to move around it and never get yourself in a corner to fight it as it severally limits your retreat options after your attacks.
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