Spiral Knights – How to Level Up Your Pet Quickily

Spiral Knights - How to Level Up Your Pet Quickily
Spiral Knights - How to Level Up Your Pet Quickily

Hello. After achieving vanguard rank in game and knowing the game better i decided to write this short guide about some tips i discovered to quickily level up your pets, and give you some basics you need to know in order to level it up effectively.


Note: Credit goes to Velorace

Imagine you are a recruit. You have just started the game and got your first battle sprite. No matter what it is, Drakon, Seraphynx, or Maskeraith, you want it to level up fast.

But then you may ask yourself: Is feeding pet food (Motes, Dusts, Stones, Orbs and Stars) directly to my pet the right method to level it up effectively?

The best way to level up your pet is to feed him mats, and when it needs a special pet food to level up, only then utilize it to level up your pet.

But there is a secret involved in that: higher materials grades (5 star, 4 star , 3 star etc) have higher strengh to increase the heat of your pet so it can level up. You might find out that to level up a lv 1 pet it is more effective to place a 3 star material rather than a 1 star material, because the heat increase will be enormous. Depending on the strenght of the material and its type (I believe different types of materials like Undead, Poison, Fire, Fiend and etc have different affinities to pets. Like seraphynx is more focused on undead and fiends materials while drakon is more focused on beast materials and so on, but i still need to confirm that) the stenght of the material in increasing the heat of your pet is increased. So, depending on the type of material you use, and its grade, you might have higher effiency in leveling up your pet.

But you must note that it only reaches a certain point, as there is a maximum “Heat threshold” your materials and motes can apply. That means if you use a 5 star material in a level 1 pet, you willl surely find the same heat increase a 3 star material would give to your pet. So, you better know trough testing which is the maximum grade of effectivness each material can apply to your pet, and once it reach its limit, do not try any further materials from that point and on, as it cannot increase.

Note that, trough level up, your pets will become stronger and stronger, and you might need different grades of materials to feed your pet. And depending on the speed you feed your pet , you might eventually find yourself whit a pet that requeires materials (like tier 2 or 3) that you cannot afford yet to find, because you dont have acess to these levels yet.

In order to find more materials for your pets, because you are running out of them to feed your pet and you may need always more and more mats to feed them, you can always look in the Auction House in the center of the heaven to buy more materials for your pets, for a very, very cheap price. Depending on the need of users for these materials, the price decreases or increases, and because of this feature, you might always eventually find good prices for the products you need. Some 3 star materials in heaven can even cost 100 crowns, which is basically nothing if you miss mats and want to upgrade your pet.

Note: to find your pet to upgrade it, Just click on the pet portrait next to your avatar in the top left screen so you can acess your pet while on a forge.

Trading Pet Food whit Other Players

Some players just say after seeing a shiny luminite crystal and a small crismonite crystal when they have a maskeraith: Why should i get the luminite crystal if i have a maskeraith? If i can’t upgrade my pet whit those, how else could i use it?

You can always trade your pet food whit other players if you stack enough minerals of other types. It is much better for you to get a shiny mineral of any sort (that isn’t Valestone or Moonlight?) rather than getting a small, or even large crystal of these sorts, because you can find a player later to trade pet food for other pet food (Mote x mote, Star x Star…) or either sell pet food to other players if you desire. And all you need for that is to ask one players in your party something like, “Hey, lets trade pet food after this?” “Sure!!!” then everyone head to emberlight and trade some pet food along the way. Dont forget to exploit your friend and sell him pet food for ominous price. Extra money is always cool, eh? 🙂

Where to Upgrade My Pet Effectively? And How Upgrading My Pet Works?

Your pet has 5 “bars” that are consumed every time you feed your pet a material or a pet food. Every level you complete in the clockworks restores 2 of these “bars”. So, the more the levels you beat… the more you can upgrade your pet.

Therefore, accroding to this logic, the best place to upgrade your pet is the arcade. Even if you do a full run in the arcade, from level one to 29, you can upgrade your pet a total 60 times if you have enough materials. Seems crazy, right? That is why if you ever run out of mats quickily and need more mats to upgrade your pets, you can’t ever forget you can always head to the auction house and buy some more, or trade whit other players.

You can also try to upgrade your pet trough missions too, but in arcade the constant level followed one by another in which you can always acess your Forge makes it easier for you to remember to upgrade your pet. That is why i recommend you arcade, to upgrade it…

But, Why Should I Try to Upgrade My Pet?

Every pet, on its own uniqueness, is very good for the game, and can be essential for a party.

Drakon is good to deal damage and raw power, and if upgraded enough, it can help the party to clear dangerous monsters or deal significant damage to groups of enemies, and clear enemies like Lumbers much, much faster.

Seraphynx is good to heal your party members, to put enemies at bay whit its Ray Beam, and to shield members from attacks so they can unsleash powerfull charge attacks, damage other enemies whit its swords, or simply avoid damage.

Maskeraith is very good whit its poison, and is almost essential for parties to clear Jelly King early game, and you can even use a shadow cloak to hide from enemies and initiate a fight against the mobs from a different position… and also use its last skill to do… erm, something.

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