20 Minutes Till Dawn – Guns Guide


Here I will simply be ranking guns from worst to best.

8. Flame cannon: As i probably have made clear by now I really don’t like burn damage. It’s slow and convoluted. I would always prefer having upfront damage. It does however have a pretty good fire rate.

7. Batgun: The batgun scales off of both bullet damage and summon damage. Which seems cool if its base damage wasn’t this low. (Also it seems to not be working with death rounds which would probably make it much better, if someone else would like to test this I would love to know if I’m just imagining things.)

6. Crossbow: The crossbow itself is fine, it has high base damage and works very well with the mini clip synergy. The problem is that charging it up is always worst then just clicking a hundred times with mini clip. Which makes it quite annoying to play and makes it lose its “sniper feel” instead just becoming a bad revolver.

5. Magic Bow: This is the newest weapon and I haven’t played it as much. If we ignore the bugs it is actually a really (and probably the best) gun for a bullet-damage build. This is because your arrows benefit from any gun damage increase when being shot and upon returning (absolutely excellent with death rounds). You usually want to increase ammo capacity and reload speed as well so that you can set up large bursts of damage

4. Revolver: The revolver has good damage and good fire rate. It only lacks area damage which means it requires the double shot tree. But because the double shot tree is one of the better tree’s in the game it really isn’t a problem.

3. Grenade launcher: The grenade launcher is excellent in two types of builds. For summoner’s it allows you to deal with enemies until your summons can do it on their own and increases your dagger/scythe summon damage. It is also great in a bullet-damage build as it has excellent base damage, just make sure you make your bullets pierce as well as increase their speed, otherwise you might actually kill yourself. As another small note I generally avoid the haste upgrade tree when picking the grenade launcher as the extra speed may cause you to walk into your own grenades.

2. Dual SMG: The SMG deserves this spot simply because elemental damage is the best source of damage in the game. On its own it’s a pretty terrible gun, having low reload rate and low damage. What makes it this good is its extremely high fire rate and the fact that each gun triggers “every X shot” effect separately. (This means that the Fire starter upgrade which usually triggers every 5 shots actually triggers ever 2.5 shots.)

1. Shotgun: The shotgun is the best gun in the game for one simple reason. It is THE best gun to pair with Mini clip and mini clip is insane. It can work with gun damage and elemental builds so you aren’t locked in a build from the start. It’s only small downside is that you must use the Take aim upgrade to increase its range.

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