Absolver – Beating the Twins Boss Fight

Absolver - Beating the Twins Boss Fight
Absolver - Beating the Twins Boss Fight

Simple strategy to beat the super mega fun and creative twins boss fight.

The Strategy Thing

So basically, if you fight them openly you’re screwed since like all the other ganks in the game; trying to hit one just leads to the other hitting you.

Best way to disarm them of that is to go up onto the small stairs and low platforms at the sides of the arena. Their pathfinding, like with all the other enemies, isn’t very good or fast so typically one will come up after you first and another will lag behind a bit.

It allows you to at least keep both on your screen and in the same general direction at once. You’ll gradually want to keep backing up to keep them like that as they will continue encroaching on you until they have you surrounded again. When that happens, you can try falling off the platform or knocking one off and going down after them. If you knock one off you’ll get a few moments to fight them while the other pathfinds back down the stairs, if you just jump and neither fall after you it’s possible to either lure them back off and onto the stairs afterwards to repeat this process. Or, you can try attacking them as they come down the stairs then lure them off and repeat.

Beat the fight on the very first try using this, they’re not actually very strong individually as they do not respond as quickly to being attacked as a lot of other higher tier enemies do. You can hit them quite a few times often before they actually find a way to break out of it and counter attack.

Although, pretty sure after the first one dies the second one does get smarter so be aware of that.

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