Expeditions: Viking – Gameplay Tips

Expeditions: Viking - Gameplay Tips
Expeditions: Viking - Gameplay Tips

General gameplay tips I wish I had known during my first runthrough.

Gamplay Tips

Note: Credit goes to Arges

There are a few good guides out there already, so I thought it would be helpful to itemize a few things I wish I had known during my first playthrough for folks new to the game:

  • There are several ways to win. Either side with a territory or focus on raising either power or prosperity. Don’t try to max both power and prosperity as it will leave you short of 100 given the time limit. Getting to 100 is the only number that matters. 
  • During camping, always try to convert as many herbs as possible into medicine. Injuries if left untreated progressively worsen and will eventually permanently kill a character. If you have no medicine you could lose the game. Healing during camping is your number one priority. 
  • If the enemy has archers that have a line of sight to one of your unshielded units, always use demoralize. Archers are deadly and can quickly wipe you out. It makes sense to have several characters with demoralize in case someone needs to heal that round, etc. 
  • Pick one of your redundant characters and turn them into a crafter to make weapons and armor for your hird. I used Asleifr since his stats are so spread he is really doesn’t excel at anything. 
  • Make sure one of your front line fighters uses an axe so you can hook shields away from enemy tanks. 
  • Tinker water skins and equip them on every active character. This will effectively nullify archers flaming arrow attacks. Using items does not cost an attack action. If not doused, fire causes damage and develops into injuries on your characters. You want to avoid injuries at all cost. 
  • Generally don’t be afraid to use items. You’ll find tons of item parts laying around in cities. Tinker what you need. 
  • When strategically viable, charge archers with shielded units. They will waste an attack action with tactical retreat and pretty much guarantee their untimely demise. 
  • Don’t be afraid to use the low profile trait on all characters that are not going to be shielded on your front line.
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