A Magical High School Girl – Items and Effects

A Magical High School Girl - Items and Effects
A Magical High School Girl - Items and Effects

List of items from A Magical High School Girl.
Effects and healing potential of items.


At beginning of the game i noticed the unknown and different effects of the items.
How much do they heal? Which one will heals what? And which one will heal me best in emergency situations without poisoning me?

I started taking notes for myself of every item I found ingame and decided to share them hoping it’ll help some of you.


  • Strawberry Potato = +15MP, -1HP
  • Dried fish = +20MP
  • Home made potatos = +30MP
  • Godly potato = +30MP
  • Potato stick = +30MP
  • Pawn cracker = +30MP
  • Tasty crisps = +60MP
  • Fried Snack = +60MP
  • Hot potato = +60MP, + Poison
  • Garlic potato = +60MP, +Smelly
  • Greasy potato = +60MP, +Curse
  • Curry cracker = +75MP
  • Almond fish = +150MP
  • Premium potato = +999MP


  • Milk = +1HP
  • Unpast milk = +1HP
  • Vitamin milk = +1HP, +15MP
  • Low fat milk = +1HP, -15MP
  • Sour milk = +1HP, +Poison
  • Moldy milk = +1HP, +Poison
  • Hot milk = +1HP, +Sleep
  • Countryside milk = +2HP, +Blind
  • Organic milk = +2HP


These items seem to change the MP they give – Not sure if it’s random or depending on level.
Usually it’s 5-20MP.

  • Soft candy = +10MP, -Cursed
  • Xylitole chewing gum = +10MP, -Smelly
  • Balloon chewing gum = +10MP, -Silence
  • Hyper mint chewing gum = +10MP, -Smelly
  • Whistle candy = +10MP, -Silence
  • Sleepy candy = +10MP, +Sleep
  • Melting candy = +10MP, +Speed
  • Energy candy = +10MP, -Bind/immobilized
  • Depoison candy = +5MP, -Poison
  • Wise truffle = Level up.
  • Cool Candy = +10MP, -Burn
  • BLANK item (Truffle) = +10MP, -1HP
  • Sugar gum = +10MP
  • Black chewing gum = -Curse, – Blind, -Smelly
  • Lemonade = +10MP
  • Forgetty gum = +MP, but you forget all identified items.
  • Wine gum = +10MP
  • Cheap choco = +30-60MP
  • Milk chocolate = +75MP, -Negative Status
  • Exploding chewing gum = -20MP
  • Salmiak gum = -25MP
  • Cacao 100 = -35MP


  • Strange perfume = Random Effect (example: Pan falls on your head -10MP)
  • Roadway = Maps the area around you
  • Professor perfume = Identify the effect of an item.
  • Angry perfume = Enpowers you for a while.
  • Effective perfume = Lowers the MP costs.
  • G’night perfume = +Sleep
  • Witch’s perfume = Teleports you back to Witch’s Village.
  • Spell perfume = Levels up a spell.
  • Farewell perfume = Teleports you to a random location.
  • Darkness perfume = +Blind
  • Aroma perfume = Heals negative status.
  • Adult perfume = Level up.
  • Perfume of doom = Summons a dark werewolf which one hit kills you.
  • Happy perfume = A random, lucky effect.
  • Unhappy perfume = A random, bad effect.
  • Speedy perfume = +Speed, +Poison
  • Tired perfume = -70MP, -2HP
  • Aura perfume = +Protect
  • Guiding perfume = Attracts monsters.


  • Gaia crosse = Increases earth power.
  • Healing crosse = Doubles the effect of healing spells.
  • Crosse of envy = Increases the chance of an enemy getting a status change.
  • Crosse of discipline = Increases XP gained.
  • Storm crosse = Increases storm power.
  • Mudstream crosse = Increases frost power.
  • Crosse of greed = Doubles the amount of White Magicite you gain.
  • Wind crosse = Decreases costs for storm spells.
  • Blaze crosse = Decreases costs for heat spells.
  • Crosse of pride = Spells that target you cost half MP but ranged spells cost double.
  • Crosse of sloth = Cost for summonig or setting magic is decreased.
  • Benevolence crosse = Healing spell effects are tripled, but milk stops working.
  • Crosse of no mercy = All healing spells turn into neutral attack spells.
  • Crosse of gluttony = Increases your max. MP by 20%
  • Fire blood crosse = Increases heating power.
  • Beginner crosse = ?, ‘Everyone starts with one of these.’
  • Iron crosse = ?, ‘You can hit with it but it is not for real matches’
  • Mother crosse = Decreases costs for earth spells.
  • Anger crosse = High melee power?, ‘A battle crosse to smite the enemy with female anger. Using this in a match will get you a red card.’


  • Warning badge = Cost and power of the 4th spellslot is halved.
  • Victor Badge = If your MP fall from 40+ to 0 you keep 1MP.
  • Soul Badge = Increases max HP by 1.
  • Badge of calmness = MP restores itself twice as fast and doesn’t decrease at 0 HP.
  • Badge of holding = Increases max number of items you can carry.
  • Magical circle badge = Casting time for slot 2 decreased.
  • Badge of knowledge = All items can be identified.
  • Throw Badge = Instead if dropping items, it throws them in front of you.
  • Amplify badge = Spells level up by casting it.
  • Badge of Memory = You keep badges and crosses when you die.
  • Kaleidoscope badge = +Speed when hit with a negative status


  • White magicite = Your currency/money.
  • Anonymous magicite = Spell will depend on the name you give it.
  • Crimson magicite = Heat spell.
  • Azure magicite = Frost spell.
  • Topaz magicite = Earth spell.
  • Emerald magicite = Storm spell.
  • Light magicite = Not sure, only got one with ‘#Angora soul’ for Ms. Wanderer.
  • Back to basic magicite = Base spells speciality is deleted.
  • Power magicite = Increases spells power by 1.
  • Level magicite = Increases spells level by 1.
  • Stacking magicite = Elemental alignments stack together.
  • Individualistic magicite = Spell’s area of effect is limited to the caster.
  • Economy magicite = Spell’s MP cost goes slightly down.
  • Rename magicite = New spell’s name will be the addon’s name.

Fetch Quest Items

Ms Wanderer:

  • G’night perfume (Buy or find it)
  • Bone (Have some Dried fish in the inventory and talk to Ms Reactor)
  • Speed spell (Simply name a magicite ‘Speed’ and give it to her)
  • Angora soul spell (Freeze an angora [ballon like monster] and kill it) 
  • Perfume of doom (Buy or find it) (Got the quest after finishing the game, don’t know if you will get it sooner)

Ms Reactor:

  • Bomb spell (Simply name a magicite ‘Bomb’ and give it to her, might work with others but didn’t with the others i tried)
  • High power heat spell, which will unlock her dungeon. I handed her a 50 Power heat spell (Mine spells are pretty decent for this)
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