TerraTech – How to Make Money (with Scrappers)

TerraTech - How to Make Money (with Scrappers)
TerraTech - How to Make Money (with Scrappers)

In this guide you can learn how to make money with all corporation. I will be using Geocorp and Gso but you can apply the same basics to the other corporations.

Making Money Guide


This can be done with any faction. All you need is level 3 in a faction. You will need a scrapper and a delivery cannon. You also need a resource blocks (I’ll tell you a easy way to get resource blocks). Also optional: A speedy tech.

Getting Resource Blocks And Scrappers

You will need to get scrappers. For GSO you need to be grade 3 and do the Crafty Mike missions until you get to Craftier Business II. You can even start some of the Crafty Mike missions at grade 2 so you have less missions to do at grade 3. So you got a scrapper now? Good! Now you need resource blocks. These are blocks of compressed resources. You could buy them at trading stations but if you sell them you don’t get profit. Instead buying them is just for resources that you need for crafting. So you cant buy them. But wait. You could get them for free. Just do a find the crate mission and if no enemies spawn then you have a chance of getting a free 15k or so. If you have Geocorp grade 3 licence you can do find the toolbox in a limited time missions (That is why you need a speedy tech). As long as you find the crate in time you could be rewarded with a block of 128 refined Euridite! But you need a Geocorp scrapper which is not hard to do.

Making The Block Bucks!

So you got resource blocks and a scrapper. Well you need a delivery cannon. You can either place it next to a delivery station so it use delivery cannon or use your own delivery cannon that you obtained during the crafty mike missions. The resources are already refined so you don’t need a refinery. So just place the scrapper next to the trading station. Then drop a resource block matching the faction that made the scrapper. For example a Gso scrapper can scrap a Gso resource block that will give 24 of the resource the block holds. But a Gso scrapper can’t scrap a Geocorp resource block. So you put the block in the scrapper? Good now it will start pumping out resources. The time it will continue to pump out depends on the faction that made the block. A Gso block will only pump out 24 chunks of its resource. For example 24 Ignian crystals. But a Geocorp Ignian block will pump out a whopping 124 Ignain or other resource. The scrapper you placed down will scrap the Resource block and you will make money. The amount you make depends on the resource and the size of the block. If you have your own delivery cannon then you can attach it to the output hole of the scrapper with conveyors. Also worth saying is that you can scrap normal blocks and sell their componets for money. But don’t expect a Geocorp scrapper to scrap some Gso blocks.


This method is useful for making money real quick, But if you want a constant supply of money you should use the auto miner technique. All you do is find a colored patch of rock, place an auto miner put a resource receiver to a refinery and attach the refinery output to a delivery cannon. Hope this guide helps.

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