PUBG – Pro Tip Guide

PUBG - Pro Tip Guide
PUBG - Pro Tip Guide

This guide will tell you about how to be a pro player in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and how to successfully get some wins!

How to Be Good at PUBG

  • Don’t use AIM/ADS Just Use ADS because when you click to aim your mouse will sometimes not click all the way or just The sight wont exactly go where you planned.
  • Always and I mean always listen to sounds because when people say take your shoes off it really means something because when you have shoes on it makes the ground noise louder so when you walk or run up on people they will slightly hear you and aim but not the right direction So keep that as a reminder
  • Use Q and E for peeking so you can see your enemy from a wall while he can only see your tiny head and he will unsuccessfully hit you and reminder if he has a sniper back away.
  • Always check your surroundings instead of just running in a random building because if there is no open doors, good loot, no glass broken still be cautious because you don’t know i mean only if you where a hacker but don’t Hack it wont work.
  • Don’t rage at anyone because all of your energy for the game will go away because you let it all out on a person that doesn’t care!
  • Don’t crouch run because it gives enemies time because you go slow and they can get a couple shots on you so i wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Push people only if they are low health or no guns because if you push you don’t know if they are hiding next to a corner or on the window which you can do!
  • Have your own red dot decoration like the normal sight or the 4 line and dot in the middle or whatever it is your opinion my opinion is the 4 line and dot in the middle because the recoil is just a little different even though it doesn’t change.

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