Total Tank Simulator – Tips for Fighting Final Missions

Total Tank Simulator - Tips for Fighting Final Missions
Total Tank Simulator - Tips for Fighting Final Missions

Let me get straight into the point. Let’s say you are fighting the final Poland mission of Act I or something like that. There is a factory and a bunch of tigers, but you only have 7TPs, 9TPs, and other inferior tanks. What must I do? Read this guide and you will find out.

Final Missions Guide

Artillery Pieces

There are loads of artillery pieces one can choose from. Assuming you were smart enough to go on this path, here is a list of them and their roles:

Rocket Artillery

  • I recommend having at least 2 of these. They wreak havoc like crazy in the beginning of the match, before they run out of ammo. This slows the enemy down.

Regular Artillery

  • This is the most common one. Use as much as you can. To conserve the amount you have, have around 5 of these deployed.

Cluster Artillery

  • Cluster Artillery is cool and all, but it runs out of ammo quickly. I recommend having no more than 2 of these, for destroying factories if the enemy has any.

Fire Artillery

  • I prefer Fire artillery over Cluster artillery. Fire lasts longer, you see. Have 2-4 of these.

Smoke Artillery

  • No.

Other Weapons

As I said, don’t bother deploying tanks. Here is the rest of the weapons you should use:

  • Use bombers. To save points, use only two of them.
  • Use Anti-Aircraft, even if there is no planes to fight. It does a good job at distracting the enemy, and can definitely kill a few tanks here and there. 2 or 3 of these should be enough at minimum.
  • Have one or two bunkers. It seems useless, but have them in the middle of the battlefield, not in the front lines.
  • Don’t put anything in the front lines. An exception is using mines, and distracting the enemy with a few anti tank cannons. Have 2 AT cannons at most. They are expensive.
  • Use infantry to your liking. As I said, don’t put them at the front lines. If you have rocket artillery, never put anything on the front lines. That will result in LOTS of friendly fire.

Then, you can start your battle. Good luck!

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