Ratropolis – Under the Shade Achievement Guide

Ratropolis - Under the Shade Achievement Guide
Ratropolis - Under the Shade Achievement Guide

This achievement is such: Achieve victory with only a total of 4 walls. This achievement involves a lot of micromanaging.

Under the Shade Achievement

Early Game

Before I begin these are the settings I run with:

  • All other leader cards are locked, (This is to up the chances of getting the specific cards we want.)
  • Run desert, this will help you survive. Never do this on the coast map, since the enemies like to bomb your buildings, which are crucial in this.
  • Use the builder leader, this will help with upgrading the few buildings that we will have in this run.

In the beginning you want to focus on three things: building an economy and getting buildings that will lead to defense. You’ll want three different buildings to get started, with some being optional.

Required buildings:

  • Market
  • Farm (Upgrade first)
  • Tavern

Optional buildings:

  • Watchtower
  • Builders guild

What you want to focus on is initially building your leader level and getting as many ephemeral cards as you can. The primary goal is to get that tavern so that you can duplicate cards.

Next, you’ll want to get that watchtower so that you can constantly double it during the game. This can also be accomplished with the builders guild with both working to build the towers. The four tower defense on either side should work until the 20th round, then you’ll need to move onto mid-game pushes to make it.

Simultaneously though you’ll want to be getting these three skill cards to effectively get through this, they are:

  • Demolish
  • Focus fire
  • Repair

This is a good start, but you’ll need a few more things before you can face off against the mid-game enemies.


This is where the luck comes in. You may die here if the cards don’t fall right.

Here we need to beef up our towers, using the taverns and the builder’s guild to make sure that our towers are nice and hefty. The next crucial step is skimming the market and merchant screens to find shooting galleries. I would recommend leaving four spaces open for this since you’ll need it as soon as you get it.

When the card does pop up be sure to use the tavern to duplicate it, then place it. Once that’s accomplished use the builder’s guild to upgrade it. This should make your four tower defense extremely strong, but will still have a hard time killing all enemies after wave 20. Be sure to supplement this by using your volley cared previously mentioned. If you can use a demolish card and place down the extra shooting gallery that you will have after you’ve duplicated and upgraded the original. Though to get the most out of it duplicating it again is recommended.


Hopefully by end-game your town will look something like this. Where you have a strong defense on either side and a few shooting galleries to boost defense. If you make it this far just bide your time, replenish dead troops, and use your skill cards wisely. The only other thing that I can think of is to get an apartment so you can have soldiers at the walls keeping off the ones that get close. I recommend duck riders, guardians, and longswordrats to keep them at bay. Slingers can also be useful to stun enemies and buy time for your towers to melt the enemy.

I posted a video of myself completing the achievement (Didn’t show up in the video because I completed it once before hand) I hope this was useful. I am a huge fan of using towers to get an edge in game.

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