The Islander: Town Architect – How to Make Money

The Islander: Town Architect - How to Make Money
The Islander: Town Architect - How to Make Money

If you’re wanting to know how to make some good money, check out this guide!

How to Make Some Good Money

Are you needing to earn some money for a building, or decoration? Then, you’ve come to the right guide!


Homes are a great way to earn more money. But, as a bit of a downside, you have to spend money to earn more. Basically, what I’m talking about is the upgrades feature. It increases the amount of money you earn, if you spend money in the process. But before you can upgrade, you’ll need to know how.

So, what you need to do, is find your house. Hover the cursor over the home, and click the left mouse button. You’ll see this box, which is where all the upgrading happens. Over to the left, you’ll see how much money you earn from the house, what level the house is at, along with a 5 star level, and finally, you’ll see how much it costs to upgrade. Every home costs the same amount to upgrade, even if it’s level 0.


Stores, as well increase the amount of money you earn. Sometimes, as a bonus, they change the looks of your citizens! Stores first unlock at level 1, or 2 I think. Anyway, the more stores you have, the more money you make! Also, you can place more than one store.


In conclusion, both are great ways to earn money. And when you combine fully upgraded homes, and stores, you can start earning a great amount of money. And, so yeah! Now you know how I earn my money. Below is the full amount I earn.

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