Wildfire – Expedition Diary Locations

Wildfire - Expedition Diary Locations
Wildfire - Expedition Diary Locations

The locations of the 8 expedition diaries needed for the optional objective on Mountains 3 – Carnota Rise.

I Am Just Going Outside… Expedition Diary Locations

There are eight diary entries located in Mountains 3 – Carnota Rise required to complete the optional objective and get the achievement “I Am Just Going Outside…”. This guide will show you where to find those diary entries.

Diary Entry #1

The first diary entry can be found right at the start of the level next to the tent on the upper platform.

Diary Entry #2

Continue right into the mountain. The second diary entry is next to the checkpoint in the bottom right.

Diary Entry #3

The third diary entry is just above where the second is, next to a campfire and a pool of water.

Diary Entry #4

From the third entry continue climbing up and to the right. You will find the fourth entry on the other side of a wooden bridge.

Diary Entry #5

To continue through the level you will go up and loop back past the bridge you just crossed. The fifth entry will be near a tent and campfire.

Diary Entry #6

The sixth diary entry is the most well hidden one. It is located under a body up and to the left of entry five. You will need to crawl through a tunnel and move a body hidden in the snow to find it.

Diary Entry #7

From entry six continue to the right until you come to another checkpoint. You should be able to see entry seven seven from there. Climb up with vines/bubble/fire jump and crawl through the tunnel to get to it.

Diary Entry #8

Entry eight can be found next to a body in the spike corridor at the end of the level. The easiest way to get it is to place vines above it and climb down until you can grab it.

If your vines don’t reach you can drop down on it and hit the read button before you are teleported back to the platform. You won’t have enough time to read what it says, but it will count as read for the objective.

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