Shrine – All Secrets

Shrine - All Secrets
Shrine - All Secrets

All the secrets in Shrine.

All Secrets

Map 1: Rotten Caverns

  • In the second room of the map, on the right side, behind some enemies and health pickups. Interact with the wall on the right to open it.

Map 2: Dark Ravine

  • In the cave with the blue water (not green goo) where you first face the cacodemon replacements. Upon first entering the cave hang all the way left and climb the rock structure at the end.

Map 3: Haunted wood

  • After picking up the red key, lower the wall with a red light behind it and ride it back up.

Map 4: Frozen peaks

  • Take the first left and climb the hill directly in front of you.

Map 5: Old Manor

  • Go all the way forward, then all the way left. Kill the big demon and take the grenade launcher.

Map 6: Shrine

  • Once the map starts go right and jump over the river.

Map 7: Cathedral

  • The map is shaped like a cross. The secret is behind a pillar in the right ‘wing’ of the cross.

Map 8: Towers

  • No secrets on this map.

Map 9: Demon’s gate

  • Right behind you at the start.

Map 10: Womb

  • Past the green key, can’t miss it.

Map 11: The Archives

  • Past the red door, on topof a bookcase.

Map 12: The Elder World

  • Open the green door and go straight. The secret is next to a bloodfall.

Map 13: Aether

  • No secrets on this map.

Map 14: Sentinel Keep

  • No secrets on this map.

Map 15: Crucible

  • No secrets on this map.

Map 16: The old god’s rest

  • No secrets on this map.

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