Minecraft Dungeons – How to Obtain & Farm Emeralds

Minecraft Dungeons - How to Obtain & Farm Emeralds
Minecraft Dungeons - How to Obtain & Farm Emeralds

How to Farm Emeralds

This section of the Guide will detail everything that you need to know about obtaining and farming Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Obtain & Farm Emeralds Efficiently

As begin your journey through the different levels of the game, you will begin to collect Emeralds – which is the official currency of Minecraft Dungeons. These green gems are primarily used to purchase gear and artifacts from the two vendors in your camp – the Blacksmith and Wandering Trader.

While there is no way to farm Emeralds in the traditional sense, we have listed several methods that can help you earn as many Emeralds as possible in Minecraft Dungeons.

Use Artifacts, Enchantments and Even Weapons to Increase Emerald Chances

Increase your Emerald intake by using dedicated Artifacts, Enchantments, and even Weapons that have a sole focus on increasing your Emerald intake.

While this particular method isn’t necessarily the fastest, it does happen to act as a great passive method to collect additional Emeralds.

By obtaining the following items, you will be able to increase your Emerald yield quite significantly.


  • Prospector


  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • The Last Laugh

Complete Missions on Higher Difficulty Settings

One of the best ways to farm Emeralds is by completing missions on higher than recommended difficulty settings.

While this does prove challenging, you will find that not only will you receive more Emeralds through general tasks such as fighting mobs and opening chests, but the salvage price for any unwanted gear or artifacts is priced much higher when salvaging it.

Seek Out Pots and Chests & Kill Mobs

Keep an eye out for brown colored pots that glow green. When smashing these pots, you’ll be rewarded with Emeralds. Pots aren’t the only way to find Emeralds, as opening the small standard chests will often grant you several Emeralds.

Further more, you will find that certain mobs such as bosses and friendly mobs will provide you with a small handful of Emeralds upon killing them.

Salvage Any Unused Gear and Artifacts

Minecraft Dungeons can often burden your inventory with duplicates or low tier weapons, armors, and even artifacts.

Instead of leaving these items to collect dust in your inventory, we highly recommend Salvaging any of your unused gear for some additional Emeralds, as hording items in Minecraft Dungeons really serves no purpose.

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