Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Improve Your Aim

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - How to Improve Your Aim
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - How to Improve Your Aim

How to Improve Your Aim in CS:GO

Today I’ll teach you on how to become a better aimer in CSGO. In this Guide You’ll know how to:

  • 1 Tap.
  • Have Accurate Aim.
  • Better Cross-hair Placement.

Arm / Wrist training

So First of all you need to get on Aim Botz map which will be linked below and choose the AK-47 and the Desert Eagle, Before you start shooting you need to warm-up your arm/wrist by moving your crosshair to the bots quickly, make sure the crosshair is on the bots head once its on the bots head do the same to the other bots keeping doing it until you feel like your arm/wrist is awake and you’re able to flick.

Head Shot / Aim Control

Once you’re able to flick start shooting the bots, try and make sure the shots are head shots, and try speeding your self like quick flicking, also try moving sideways which is called (strafing) this helps the enemy to miss their shots. Use the Guns Stated Below and try to get at least 400 Kills with each one, which adds up to 1200 Kills.

  • AK-47
  • M4A4 Or M4A1-S which ever one you use
  • AWP

Pistol Training

After getting a total of 1200 Kills with the weapons stated above start using the Pistols stated below, also try getting from 100-200 Kills If you go with 100 kills they add up to 300 kills and if you go with 200 kills they add up to 600 kills, also try strafing when your shooting with the pistols, pros use this method so their enemy can miss most of their shots.

  • Glock-18
  • USP-S or P2000 which ever one you use
  • Desert Eagle

At the end of the pistol training you’d have a total of 1800 kills (if went with 200 pistol kills) and 1500 kills (if went with 100 pistol kills)

Flick Shooting

After finishing your Gun and Pistol Training head to the map below called (training_aim_csgo2) and choose your preferred gun with your preferred pistol, and then click start this map helps you train your flick shots and will 100% improve them.


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