Outlast – Gameplay Tips (Insane Difficulty)

Outlast - Gameplay Tips (Insane Difficulty)
Outlast - Gameplay Tips (Insane Difficulty)

Simple, down to earth tips on beating this game on insane difficluty!

Basics Before Starting

So you plan on getting that sweet achievement, so you can brag that you beat this game on insane, huh? Well there is not much to it, except a few basic things:

  • I highly suggest to turn the graphics waaaaaay down, unless you play on ablosute beast of the computer that renders a 4k video, plays 10 games, plays a youtube video and streams SIMULTANEOUSLY. (not that it is really imortant, just less chance of a f*** up)
  • Knowing the key configuration should be second nature for you, make sure you know where your keys are exactly. 
  • Learn the levels, especially dark ones and with constantly moving enemies. My personal difficults where the Trager chase and a fuse box. one was confusing to me on my very first play through (i am so ret**ded that i didn’t see the obvious door that lead to the key) and fusse box part was just very dark for me. (conserving battery too much made me run into an enemy)
  • As I said before, learn to conserve battery. It ties in with the previous point where you need to learn the levels. When you know where to go, you don’t need to see.
  • If you are of drinking age (21 in ‘murica, 18-19 everywhere else), do a shot or two to relax, sudden twitch by an unpredicted jumpscare might throw you off your pace.

In Game

Now lets move on to actually playing the damn game:

  • Forget the lockers. Enemies now have extreme sense of hearing, so slamming that locker shut gives away your position even to Wernicke down in the lab.
    P.S. with an expection of the very first encounter with Chriss, but on that later.
  • Beds only help against variants and only if they didn’t see you. use them with caution
  • Be patient, but don’t start pitching a f***ing tent in the corner. Hide when neccessary and run out at the first chance.
  • When in a very close proximity, an enemy will ALWAYS follow your exact footsteps. So if there is a son of a bi*ch between you and the exit, make him follow you, do a loop around something, idc what, and gun for it. Putting a distance between an enemy and an exit is key. You need to be there balls deep before enemies are on top of you.
  • Run. There is no limit on the sprint, our character has been doing a lot of cardio. Also there is not a single enemy that will catch up to you. You are faster than everyone.
  • Anticipate your next move. Think several steps ahead. Have an already preset pattern of your movement. This ties to the fact that you should learn the levels.

Closing Notes

To finish this super-duper-wooper-trooper-cooper-looper-nube_tuber guide, i present some minor hints to help you beat this game on insane:

  • Expect to die, a lot. And remember, when you die, you are sent back to the BEGINNING of the game (thank God we don’t have to rewatch that first cutscene)
  • If you decide to sneak past someone, listen carefully. start running as soon as you hear the qeueu (r however the f*** you spell that) taht you have been noticed.
  • When you hold mouse clic on the door to open it slowly, if you let go and run into it, you can phase through the door AND keep it shut at the same, because during the animation of opening the door, it looses its physical features and is a just an image. Helps to stop pursuing enemies much quicker.
  • If you feel like doing an infamous glitch where you go straight to the end game from the asylum entrance, don’t. It doesn’t work on insane difficulty… or do, idfc, i am probably ret**ded hense why i can’t do it.
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