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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Danger Zone Loot Maps 2020

May 13, 2020    

Having problems finding enough loot on Sirocco? Want to know the best place to land on Jungle? These maps will help you have the best chance at gearing up quickly!

Loot Spawns in Danger Zone

Each Danger Zone map includes a list of locations where loot can spawn (specifically entity classname point_dz_weaponspawn). What spawns at each location is random: box, crate, melee, pistol, ammo, armor, money. hostage, turret, barrel or nothing at all. However, the loot generator is likely more sophisticated than a simple random item selector.


  • Loot spawn locations in very close proximity may appear as a single "hot" location.
  • The maps do not show elevation so underground loot spawn locations are intermingled with above ground loot spawn locations.
  • Buildings and other locations with multiple levels typically appear "hotter" because of this.
  • Loot spawn locations are often in mid-air (likely to avoid having items clip into the ground or other surfaces). This may cause some items (money and armor in particular) to roll away.

Blacksite Loot Map

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Sirocco Loot Map

Jungle Loot Map