Unbox – How to Collect Every Golden Tape (Collection Agent)

Unbox - How to Collect Every Golden Tape (Collection Agent)
Unbox - How to Collect Every Golden Tape (Collection Agent)

Tips how easily find and collect all 800 gold tapes in Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure.

General Advice and Analysis of the Hint System

There are many hint, that make easier to track that golden tapes.

  • When you start level you should focus on collect first half of all available on level golden tapes (100), to do that you only will have particles that float above them as a clue. That shouldn’t be too hard. Is good to methodically search the level.
  • When you collect first half you will get another hint to find the rest. From now you will hear a growing shimmering sound when you are nearby to a Golden Tape. It will help you to gain confidence that you found all golden tape on tarene that you searched. After searching rest of the map go back to teren where you have only particles as a clue and listen carefully if you missed something.
  • If you carefully searched a whole level but still miss few golden tapes, third and last help implemented into game is “Bounce” (redbox) speak to him and he will show you the location of golden tape. Frame that he show may not be very helpful, so before you speak to him make sure to raise FOV in menu from 90 to 130/140 (higher is unreadable) and make sure to dismiss camera behind your hero maximally (“Y” on gamepad). Now frame will show much more and it will be easier to located a tape.

For example: Second level is quite extensive and despite using these tips i had problem with localization that tape:

Unbox - How to Collect Every Golden Tape (Collection Agent)

Finally after 10 minutes i found It on that island with the town, in the cave in the tunnel.

Two Last Golden Tape in Hub World which is Difficult to Get

There are 2 golden tapes high on the top of two balloon and I have not found a proper way to get to them. But there is a glitch that could help in this situation. I create a video which presents how to get that two last golden tapes.

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