The Dark Stone from Mebara – Walkthrough

The Dark Stone from Mebara - Walkthrough
The Dark Stone from Mebara - Walkthrough

The Beginning

The Pendleton Agency

  • Inspect your desk to get .32 Revolver. Equip it.
  • Head to the room next to you (there will be a dialogue when you enter it but keep on heading in anyway) and inspect the desk to get 1x Apple.
  • Exit the building.

Little Berlin, MA

  • You might want to buy some healing items in the building with Provisions sign on it. You won’t be able to buy any items anymore after you finished the event in the next building. Make sure you have at least $10 left to buy something in the cafe though.
  • Head to the building that has Cafe/Library sign on it on the west side.

Djeba Kaffe

  • Buy at least 1 Turkish Blend from the woman in the middle of the room.
  • Talk to guy to the east of you, Webley.

East Lincoln Ave

  • Enter the house to the west of you.

Van Euther Offices

  • Talk to the woman, Ms. van Euther.
  • Head to the northwest corner (to the room with Webley in it) and inspect the left bookshelf.
  • Inspect the book to the south of the bookshelf.
  • Inspect the right bookshelf. Webley should have found something by now.
  • Inspect the bookshelves in the center area of the office. You’ll get one response from each bookshelf.
  • Put the tomes to the left drawer in the room Webley’s in. You should do it by trial and error. Solution: The Ditana Accounts, The Testament of Evra, The Star Libram, The Angunnat Tables, Leaves of al-Jawafi.

Police Morgue

  • Talk to the man, Doc Kendall. Give him the money.
  • Inspect the second square thingy from the left.

The Pendleton Agency

  • Save after you can move. Head to the office entrance when you’re ready.

Boss: Unknown Creature

The boss kills Monroe, Webley, then Pendleton in order. I find that it’s possible to win this fight with no death and items by assigning Monroe to defend in the first turn or two since he can survive 1 hit from the boss that way. The boss will die in four hits so make sure your attacks land. If your attacks somehow don’t land, just hope that the boss doesn’t land his attack too. You can reload if you don’t think that everyone can survive this fight.

  • Your party members should be leveled to level 2 if they survive the fight.
  • Inspect the girl for a cutscene and head back to the previous room to take the crystal afterward to get Dark Stone.
  • Exit the building.

Little Berlin

  • Talk to Webley.

Atwood Science Hall

  • Head west, then south until you see a room to the east of you. Inspect the bookshelf to get The Void Beneath Eltdown.
  • Exit that room and head south, to the fire. Inspect the bookshelf to get The Ashega Esotica.
  • Save and exit the building when you’re ready.

Miskatonic Campus, MA

Boss: Cult Blade

The boss should die in two hits; it’s way easier than the previous one.

  • Inspect the corpse to get 1x Holy Water and 1x Smelling Salts.
  • Talk to the man in front of the burned building, Stoddard.

There is a chance for random encounter with an enemy in this area. Watch your step carefully. If you didn’t buy any items and didn’t die in the first two boss fights, Webley should be level 3 and learned First Aid by now. Use it to heal your allies.

Save often. Cult Sorcerer (especially if she is paired with Cult Elder) is very tough at this point so you might want to reload when you meet her.

I leveled to level 7 up to this point and healed most of my party members with First Aid (you also can get Water that can restore your HP from the enemies) because I was looking for faculty building (your next location). It might be not necessary though.

  • Move around the car to inspect the glowing thingy to get Fencing Foil.
  • Return to the previous area and move to the southeastern area (onto the road until you meet a car). Inspect the car and choose “Checking for Supplies.” to get .45 Revolver. Equip it.

Note: choosing the first option, “We’re leaving.”, will bring you to a game over screen.

  • Now head inside the building north from the burned house (the northeast house near the car that has Fencing Foil in it).

Faculty Club

  • Inspect the bookshelf on the northeast corner of the building to get Gyzaltin Scriptures.
  • Talk to Stoddard.

The First Warp


Note that this is also a random encounter area with the same enemies as before. Tread carefully, especially if you’re low-leveled.

  • Stick to the northwest area for a cutscene and an event battle.

Boss: 2x Cult Blade

As long as you have enough HP, this shouldn’t be a problem even if you’re low-leveled.

  • Inspect both corpses to get 1x Camphor Oil, 1x Smelling Salts, Study of Man, Earth’s Fire Walk.
  • Follow the path to the east to find a house and another event battle.

Boss: Cult Blade

This should be easier than the previous one.

  • Inspect the corpse, and then the Shovel.
  • Return to the place where you have your first event battle in this area and head southwest until you see a rock with glowing thingy. Use your Shovel on it to get Fighting Knife. Equip it.
  • Note that you can do this for a lot of times so make sure to at least do it twice to equip it to Webley and Pendleton.
  • Head south and use Shovel to one of the grave to get A Vision of Crente.
  • Return to the place where you have your second event battle in this area and enter the house.


  • Talk to the man. You’ll need to do an event battle if you say “No (Truth)”. Saying “Yes (Lie)” will automatically get you Pumphouse Key, a key to the basement. If you decide to say “No (Truth)”, inpsect the wooden log on the left to trigger the event battle and inspect the corpse afterwards to get the key.

Boss: Pump Engineer

He’s down in two hits. I think his stat is more or less the same as Cult Blade or Cult Elder.

  • Head down to the basement.
  • Follow the path until you reach an intersection.
  • Choose the second path from the bottom and follow the path until you reach a room with a blue light.
  • Inspect the blue light to get Lantern. You should be able to fully explore the area now.
  • I’m too lazy to give out directions so just explore the whole area and inspect the glowing thingies and other unusual items to get Battle Axe, The Papers of N’gaa, and Near Wild Ether. Equip Battle Axe to Pendleton.

Here’s the list for other items:

  • Inspect on the card on the room in the southwest corner (the one with Battle Axe) to get Jack of Wands.
  • Head to the area with the writing “It is the Keeper and the Key. It knows the Way. It is the Way.” on it and inspect the trolley near the fire to get Butcher’s Knife.
  • Inspect the item in the room with a lot of water in it to get Faceless Mirror.
  • Inspect the yellow item near where you got Near Wild Ether to get Empty Water Pitcher. You can turn this into Full Water Pitcher by inspecting the sink (square thingy) on the southwest area.
  • Head north from the room with Empty Water Pitcher and inspect the items (necklace, book, chair) to get Rose Pendant.
  • Head to the north from the first intersection in this area and inspect the table to get Society of Delphic Friendship Mass Book.

  • Once you get all the items, head to the room with the black ball on it.
  • Inspect the ball. There should be four tiles with footprints on all directions.
  • Apply all items you found using the direction based on what the book says (you can inspect the Society of Delphic Friendship Mass Book from your inventory if you forgot about it). Solution: West: Rose Pendant, East: Full Water Pitcher, South: Jack of Wands, North: Faceless Mirror. Note that you have to do it in this order.
  • If you do it right, an annoying beeping sound will be heard. Head back to the room with the black ball and a portal should appear.
  • Save, enter the portal when you’re ready, and answer “Enter the gate” when an option appears.

  • If you give them the stone, you’ll get a game over screen. If you decline to give them the stone, you’ll have another event battle.

Boss: Cult Elder, Cult Sorcerer

This is a tough fight. Kill Cult Sorcerers first. Assign Webley to spam First Aid whenever he can. If you’re having trouble with this fight, I suggest you to load your save and gain more levels outside the Pumphouse. My party is level 9 on this fight and I still need to load my save several times to finish this fight.

  • Inspect the corpses to get Rapier, Laudanum, and The Kofke Scrolls.
  • Inspect the book and enter the teleport circle.

The Second Warp

Essex Falls Sanitarium

  • Head upstairs and explore the area. You’ll see that the exit is locked.
  • Head back to the area where you came in and you’ll see 2 person going down the stairs.
  • Talk to the woman to initiate a cutscene. You’ll be put in a jail no matter what you say.
  • Talk to the man, Gregory, and you’ll control him instead.
  • Head downstairs.
  • You’ll see a women in the other stairs. Talk to her. You can answer anything, but you’ll get a game over screen if you head downstairs afterwards.
  • Exit the building through the previously locked door.

Good Fortunes Tarot House

  • Head to the west area and inspect the chair to sit.

Faculty Club

  • Follow Stoddard and talk to him.
  • Inspect the bookshelf next to him.

Good Fortunes Tarot House

  • Head to the north area and talk to the woman.

Little Berlin – East Lincoln Ave

  • Talk to the man and enter the house through the door behind him.

Essex Falls Sanitarium

  • Head downstairs.
  • If you pay attention to the previous cutscene, a woman put something in the mailbox. Inspect it.
  • Head to the west room and inspect the bookshelf to get 1x Scrap of Paper.
  • Head to the classroom area and inspect the glowing thingy to get The Aneriyn Fragments.
  • Inspect the leftmost locker to get 1x Orange Crayon.
  • Head upstairs.

Faculty Club

  • Inspect the left desk in the southwest room (the room north where Stoddard stands) to add “Radio Parts” to the Paper Scrap.
  • Inspect the bookshelf that you previously inspected to leave this place.

Essex Falls Sanitarium

  • Head downstairs.

Little Berlin – East Lincoln Ave

  • Talk to the man and he’ll ask for an identification.
  • Inspect the car’s left and right door to add “Detective ID” to the Paper Scrap.
  • Enter the house behind the man again to exit the room.

Essex Falls Sanitarium

  • Inspect the mailbox.

November 2nd, 1924

  • Inspect the mailbox.
  • Leave from where you came.

Essex Falls, MA

Note that this is a random encounter area. Both Senefir and Gregory is high leveled though so you shouldn’t have trouble with it.

  • The first thing that you want to do is equip Senefir with a better gun. You should have a leftover gun from Monroe’s.
  • Head west and enter the building with Curiousities sign on it (Zenia Curio).
  • Inspect the square thingy on the southwest table (Radio) and buy it.
  • Exit the building.
  • Head west and enter the building with Library sign on it (Essex Falls Library).
  • Inspect the glowing thingy to get 1x Essex Falls Historical Guide.
  • Exit the building.
  • Head upstairs.
  • Head inside the building with Police sign on it (Essex Falls Police).
  • Talk to the police to get Monroe’s ID.
  • Exit the building. You might want to remove Gregory’s weapon before exiting the building. I’m not sure if Pendleton and/or Webley can equip it but he has a great weapon.

Essex Falls Sanitarium

  • Head downstairs.
  • Inspect the mailbox to get Radio and Monroe’s ID.
  • Head upstairs and then downstairs after the cutscene ends.
  • Talk to the man and head to the house behind him to exit the room.
  • The Sanitarium exit should be unlocked now. Exit the building.


  • Head inside the house and explore the area.
  • Head upstairs and check the southeast room.
  • Inspect the corpse to get Key in Yellow.
  • Head downstairs 2x.
  • Follow the path for a boss fight.

Boss: Narthoola, Cult Sorcerer, Cult Blade

Kill Cult Sorcerer first. You can leave Cult Blade last since he doesn’t deal much damage. Narthoola has around 1.5k HP and it can confuse a party member, so be careful. Assign Webley to heal and the others to attack as usual.

  • Inspect the orb.
  • Explore the area for another cutscene.

May 24th, 1924

  • Head west to exit the area.

Faculty Club

  • You’ll get 1x Moonlight Call after the cutscene ends.
  • Inspect the left desk to get 1x Tuner Radio.
  • Travel to Cape Cod when it prompted you to do so.

Cape Cod, MA

  • Use Moonlight Call from your inventory.

The Final Warp

Another Space

This is a random encounter area. The enemies are still the same as before (Cult Blade, Cult Sorcerer, Cult Elder). They are stronger though.

  • Talk to the gang and head to the south exit.

Yuggoth Cliff

Another random encounter area with White Mi-go and Mi-go as the enemy.

White Mi-go can inflict Madness and sap Sanity with Song of Madness, which can make your allies to attack each other. You probably want to reload when that happens.

On the other hand, Mi-go can inflict Silence with Torturer’s Tongueripper. Note that you can still cast Tech if you’re silenced.

If you think that they’re too tough, you can farm for some levels in the previous area. My party is at level 18 when I’m exploring this area.

  • Follow the path until you reach an area with houses.
  • There is nothing in the houses so just head south (notice the gap in the road near the house) and follow the path. Don’t forget to save when you’re about to enter the next area because an event battle is coming up.

Coastal Lowland

This is a random encounter area with Tentacle and Mi-go (and possibly White Mi-go too).

Boss: Tentacle

It can paralyze with Earthwood Binding. It has around 1.5k HP so as long as it doesn’t paralyze all your party members, it should be fine. Attack and heal with First Aid whenever necessary.

  • Follow the path until you reach The Mebara Vale.

The Mebara Vale

  • Save before you proceed to the creature.
  • Inspect the creature (the tile in front of the unlit torch) when you’re ready for 2 consecutive fights. If you choose to teleport to home, you’ll get game over screen.

Boss: Sothomir

It can attack twice, confuse, poison, and do an AoE attack. It has around 2.5k HP. My level is around 19 when I fight the boss and I fought it with almost full health before the fight. Assign Webley to use First Aid and the others to attack as usual.

Boss: Greater Sothomir

It can attack twice, confuse, and poison. It has around 3k HP. You can do the same as the previous battle. Use items if you want since it’s your last battle. Note that this boss is completely doable without using items and/or skills.

  • Take the Dark Stone and put it on the unlit torch.

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