One Dreamer: Prologue – Achievements Guide

One Dreamer: Prologue - Achievements Guide
One Dreamer: Prologue - Achievements Guide


Press F to Pay Respects | Disconnect EP1C_SLAY3R

After entering the platform with people (LOBBY), go to the person standing on the upper platform to the right of the server entrance, talk to EP1C_SLAY3R. Just click on the interaction until mom calls him.

You Were Trying to Log Into the Game? | Trigger this dialogue

Enter LOBBY and go to the hologram. Then, using the console, change the code (I changed it to file 102, and in the second value I set 3)

No Pets Allowed | Disable a dog

Just use console with dog at lobby and change it to false.

Man of Culture | Trigger this dialogue

Change goose like that:

  • displayName = “Goose-Chan”
  • outfitIndex = 1
  • audioFile = meow.mp3

I did it with this. If you didn’t succeed, perhaps you just need to mess around for a long time, like me, changing the parameters of the goose.

Pathetic | Get called pathetic in the game

Most likely, you need to change the VR rack next to the game zone to a remote .mp3, and then VR2 will tell Patetic (I saw this in discussions of the achievement achievement problem when the developer told the player what to do. I accidentally completed this achievement before I decided to write manual, so I don’t remember how I did it)

Need Rest | Make Frank.tired = false

  • Hold Tab
  • Click the folder
  • System
  • Local
  • Scripts (old)
  • Camera
  • Change it to false
  • Sit at the sofa near VR2

Make it Stop OwO | Find a way to stop the arcade machine

It’s simple: win the slot machine with a pixel shooter

REEEE | Make a kid freak out

After winning the machine with the shooter, go to the guy who plays the machine at the entrance to the game zone and talk to him. He will be wildly upset, and you will get the desired achievement.

P/DDLE Champion | Win without cheating

This is clear from the name. You need to win ping pong without changing the speed of the rackets in the console.

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