The Sims 3 – List of Pranks and Fairy Tricks

The Sims 3 - List of Pranks and Fairy Tricks
The Sims 3 - List of Pranks and Fairy Tricks

One thing I like about the Generations expansion pack is pranks and mischief. Well, this guide is basically that. It will list all sorts of pranks in The Sims 3, alongside fairy tricks from Supernatural.

Booby Traps

These pranks are simple ones children, teens, and for a few, fairies can play. If they get caught, they’ll be punished by their parents. The punishments vary.

Generations: Children and Teens Only

  • Whoopee Cushion – The prankster will rig the target chair to make a farting noise when another Sim sits in it.
  • Hair Dye in Shower – The prankster will rig the target shower to briefly dye their victim’s hair a lurid color.*
  • Exploding Sink – The prankster will rig the target sink to squirt all over Sims who try to use them.
  • Overflowing Toilet – The prankster will clog the target toilet to squirt all over Sims who try to use them.
  • Scary Computer – The prankster will program a scary pop-up of a Sims 2: Bon Voyage Bigfoot on the target computer that lasts for a few seconds before reverting back to the original desktop when another Sim uses the said target computer.
  • Tan Dye – The prankster will rig the dye in the Tanning Booth to give their victim an ugly tan.**

*Can also be used by Fairies.

**Requires Seasons.

Supernatural: Fairies Only

  • Outdoor Trashcan – The fairy will set a fairy trap on the object to jump on the Sim rummaging through it, as well leaving trash piles laying around nearby.
  • Mailbox – The fairy will set a fairy trap on the object, which will release a swarm of bees on the Sim that retrieves mail from the mailbox.
  • LLAMA – The fairy will set a trap on the target LLAMA.

Neighborhood Pranks (Generations)

Teens can play neighborhood pranks on others. If they get caught, they will be warned or be escorted home by the police, where they will be grounded by their parents.

  • Ding-Dong Ditch – The prankster will ring a neighbor’s doorbell before running away.
  • Egging – The prankster will throw eggs at a neighbor’s house.
  • Flaming Bag – The prankster will leave a flaming bag filled with an unspecified mess on a neighbor’s porch. When the neighbor sees the flaming bag, they will attempt to stomp out the flames, getting the mess onto their shoes.
  • Stink Bomb – Using the chemistry set, teen pranksters can set off stink bombs.
  • Prank calls – The prankster can make a prank call to any random young adult neighbor in their relationships list.*
  • Prank the School – The prankster can prank their school in 5 ways: Flooding the school, toilet papering the principal’s office, stealing tests, defacing the mascot, and even releasing frogs from the science classroom.**

*There are multiple replies from the prank victim on a random number generator.

**Getting caught will also punish the prankster with after-school detention.

Fairy Tricks (Supernatural)

Fairies can unlock fairy tricks as their hidden fairy skills increase. However, witches and other fairies can backfire them.

  • ?. Chattering Cheeth.
  • ?. Hot Head*
  • 4. Tummy Twister
  • 6. Skivvies – As the name suggests, casting it causes the Sim to change temporarily into humiliating underwear and in response embarrassingly try cover themselves up.
  • 7. Golds and Toads – Grants the “Gold and Toad” moodlet to victim of the prank, which will have the Sim frequently cough out either only a toad or fairy coin. As they collect the item it will accumulate over time in their inventory.**
  • 10. Inner Beauty – Projecting onto another Sim will change their facial features to zany deformed face. This effect lasts until Inner Beauty moodlet expires, but will be prelonged for another 24 hours for every mean interaction the Sim initiates. A Fairy lifetime wish requires this fairy trick to be used 12 times as one of two objectives.**

*Can make the victim susceptible to being signed or ignited on fire.

**Cannot be used on transformed werewolves.

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