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Homeworld Remastered Collection - Vaygr Multiplayer Guide

Created by letsrock   ::   May 7, 2020    

A guide for playing Vaygr faction in Multiplayer on Player Patch 2.3.


This is a guide for playing Vaygr faction in Multiplayer on Player Patch 2.3 (as it's the main version for online multiplayer).

The fleet composition recommended here is Fighters + Destroyers + Corvettes + BCs. Note that there are other good compositions as well such as Frigate-focus.

This assumes that you can get 3 patches on the map (so not on Shield map etc).



  • Immediately send your initial collectors to work
  • Send your Carrier to the natural expansion
  • Queue 3 collectors each on MS and Carrier and send them to the natural expansion
  • Adjust the above depending on map to make sure that no collector is queuing


  • Build some probes and send them to the opponent's location


  • Build research module on the MS

Early Game


  • If safe (e.g. in a team games and/or not too close to the opponent), expand to 3rd patch by building ref and collectors


  • Build Fighter mod on both MS and Carrier 1
  • Then build Capital mod on MS
  • Build AC/Lance/Bomber non-stop depending on what the opponent are building. If Hyper Torp rush is a possibility, build 2 - 3 bombers first
  • Build 2 Carriers from MS, then Destroyers
  • Carrier 2 build fighters
  • Carrier 3 build corvettes


  • Bomber/Lance
  • Fighter speed upgrade
  • Destroyer
  • EMP
  • Corvette
  • MS production upgrade

Mid Game


  • Maxing collectors when possible
  • 4 patches if possible


  • Fighters + Destroyers with Corvette support
  • Scouts (around 5) with EMP is a must
  • Use Laser corvettes to harass opponent's eco
  • Make Shipyard when possible


  • Hyperspace
  • Battlecruiser
  • Shipyard production upgrade
  • Capital ship health upgrade
  • Carrier production upgrade
  • Proximity

Late Game


  • Make sure collectors are always maxed out and minimize queuing
  • Move collectors if RUs run out


  • Fighters + Destroyers + BCs with Corvette support
  • Make Carrier 4 (Corvette) if floating money

Created by letsrock.