Wasteland 3 – Starting Tips

Wasteland 3 - Starting Tips
Wasteland 3 - Starting Tips

Colorado Points of Interest (Starting Tips)

  • Save Jodie Bell! Or don’t. You’ll need to start the game with the right conversation skills to avoid her death. Saving her makes her available to join your team later on in the game (not in the beta). If you do save her, the following fight starts out a little harder. Good trade off? Up to you.
  • Staff up your squad. When reaching your new Ranger HQ be sure to recruit two additional people. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and talk to a wide variety of folks throughout your travels to also welcome to your group. You can have a max of 6 squad members at a time.
  • Marshal Kwon is up for joining your team and is a good resource to have. He’ll have commentary and insights on the locals and region. He’s a Marshal though and won’t stand for you harming any innocents—be good or you may end up on his bad side.
  • The paperboy in Downtown Denver will offer up some help and news about recent events, including your actions throughout the game. How you deal with situations and the outcomes of your presence in the world are likely to hit the front page.
  • Within Ranger HQ you’ll find a prisoner. He’s an… interesting character, and you can choose to keep him in there or free him. If you keep him there, he might serve as a minor annoyance (or entertainment) throughout the game. If you free him though you’ll find later in the game that it was probably not the best decision…
  • There’s a group of refugees squatting in Ranger HQ. You have a lot of choices throughout the game on how to deal with them. Allowing them to stay will put a strain on your resources and the attitudes of the Rangers toward you. Kicking them out will definitely cause conflict in the future. Maybe there’s a way to compromise? Few choices in Wasteland make everyone happy.
  • When reaching Garden of the Gods your decision with Isaac can have major repercussions in the main quest later on. Your ability to deal with the primary factions and bring peace (or discord) to Colorado hinge on decisions like these.
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