Wasteland 3 – Basic Combat Guide

Wasteland 3 - Basic Combat Guide
Wasteland 3 - Basic Combat Guide

Basic Combat Guide (Tips and Tricks)

  • Combat in Wasteland 3 is not initiative based—you can take actions with any of your characters in any turn you choose before clicking End Turn. (E.g. move a character, use another character to heal them, then move the first one back. The choice is yours).
  • Combat actions are based on Action Points (AP) and you can move, attack, use items and skills in any order you’d like. (The blue area on the ground shows where you can move to and still attack from using your currently selected weapon. The orange area on the ground shows where you can move to but not have enough AP left to attack).
  • Try to get the first hit! Enemies will spot you as you approach, so setting up your team next to cover (they’ll automatically take cover when combat begins) and squeezing off the first shot can help give you the upper hand.
  • A Ranger downed in combat needs to be revived before the turn counter runs out or you’ll lose access to that character until you can find a doctor. (Alternately: kick ass and finish combat before it counts to 0 and they’ll be automatically revived).
  • Weapons will automatically reload after combat has ended, but be sure to keep an eye on it during combat and reload at strategic moments.
  • Keep your characters healed—you never know when a fight may break out.
  • Items to be used in combat must be equipped in a quick slot before combat begins—regularly review what you have equipped.
  • Taking cover is critical to reducing incoming damage, as is flanking your enemy to bypass their cover.
  • Select the “Final Action” in your bar to use any leftover AP before ending your turn.
  • Ambush – Will gain a free attack on any enemies moving into range during the enemy turn.
  • Defend – Increases your defense if you’re expecting to take a lot of damage.
  • Prepare – Carries over up to 2 unused AP to the next round.
  • Be sure to use your Kodiak! In fights where it’s available, the Kodiak is a powerful weapon and can be used as cover by your Rangers.
  • Your character’s Attributes, Skills, Perks, and gear can make all the difference in a fight. Be sure to build and regularly review your character and inventory.


  • Inventory is shared across your team.
  • Drag and drop items to equip, or right click for a context menu.
  • The inventory automatically expands if you fill it up.


  • Healing kits and syringes need to be equipped into an item slot when out of combat to be used.
  • If someone has low health party members, show them how to use healing items.
  • If someone on your team dies, they can be Revived during combat, or will automatically revive when combat ends.


  • Throwable and placeable items can be used in combat, like the turret.
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