Population Zero – F.A.Q.

Population Zero - F.A.Q.
Population Zero - F.A.Q.

F.A.Q. About Game

What fractions can I see in the game?

There are only “colonists” in the game.

Where does the game take place?

All the action takes place on the similar to the Earth planet – Kepler-438b. There are several distinct Biomes.

Will the mechanics of “equipment strength” be introduced into the game?

This mechanic is activated in the game.

How many players can be on a server?

Several hundred players can be online at the same time.

What is the purpose of the game?

Your ship was destroyed and you were flung down to an unknown planet by emergency evacuation system. With no chance of returning to Earth, you face an unknown frontier. There are 168 hours left until human extinction. Now you are colonist and your aim is to survive in these hellish surrounding.

You will explore more Kepler locations, gain new knowledge about flora and fauna, collect resources and improve your own skills. It will be necessary for the development of your character.

How can I develop my character correctly?

As soon as exploration is the leading force of Population Zero’s gameplay. So you’ll gain new Technologies and perks to develop the character.

Perks are passive abilities randomly unlocking in certain conditions. They include specifications and characteristics.

Technologies is the overall progression of the character. Botany, Geology, Zoology and Surveying are fundamental Science that open access to new blueprints and gear.

Technology points and perks are rewarded for various in-game activities and actions such as reaching a new point of interest, victories in battles against monsters, gathering resources, and crafting new gear.

Do buildings have any peculiar features?

One of the buildings process in the game unique features is the ability to choose a wide range of roofs and walls forms. Also, buildings are divided by the quality rate. The more developed your character the stronger and fancier the building is.

Are you planning to add any class distinction to the game?

We are not planning to add any hard sets of class distinction to the game. However, you’re able to develop your character differently by means of the personal achievements, pieces of knowledge and new territories exploration. Your playing still is due in no small part to impact on your character future.

Is there a place for PvE mechanics in the game?

Sure, there is. PvE mechanics can be divided into two types: struggle and survival.

You character will face hunger, thirst, illnesses, intoxication threat, death by hypothermia or overheat. You have to do gathering and loot dead monsters constantly. Exactly the aboriginal monsters are the biggest threat for the player.

How does the starter location look like?

The starter location is a place for all the newbies in the very beginning of the game. Here new players can find legs, learn basic game mechanics and explore the plot introduction. There is no any danger to meet skilled and armoured players.

Will there be added quests systems?

The game already has a forked chain of quests.

The main plot branch will lead you to the successful completion of the session. Training quests will help to find legs with Kepler. In this case, the main storyline varies depending on the selected PvE mode and it will also be expanded in future updates.

What is the difference between Biomes?

Every Biom has its own flora and fauna. More importantly, Biomes have level requirements. You need to be certain about your skills and equipment before entering the new one.

Will there be any underground locations?

New territories will be as at the surface of the Kepler as below the surface.

Where can I find building materials?

To unlock building regime you need to gain a certain level in the game and open proper receipt in the Tech Tree. Then you need to press <B> button.

After that choose the building part. You’ll be able to see it’s model and the correct number and type of the necessary materials. Remember, buildings require the same materials as crafting.

If you have enough materials to build a part you can place the construction in the selected place by clicking the left mouse button <LMB>. However, a building can only be built in special places. On the global map, white shaded areas are marked, and there is a notification of the available construction spot if you walk there.

  • If you can’t build in the selected place, the building part model will be coloured red.
  • If you can build in the selected place, the building part model will be coloured green.

What are the advantages of socialization in the game?

Team play will make it much faster and easier to complete tasks. We also plan to introduce the mechanics of team players’ motivations. However, you can choose the solo play.

Where may I play without PvP?

You can start by selecting PvE mode, where colonists do not damage each other. And, only on the territory of The Main Hub you may escape PvP regime.

What is the feature of the battle system in the game?

The peculiarity of the battle system in the game is a non-target, with dodges and blocks. There are also several types of weapons for the player.

Mobs and NPC use different types of attacks, to which the player must react differently. You can link attacks in combos, block and evade incoming blows, use aerial strikes, and should constantly manage their stamina bar.

How can I play with my friends on the same server?

Through the Steam interface, which allows you to enter the game with your friend or invite him to your place.

Can I see my friends on the map?

There is no such possibility at the moment.

Are there any plans to introduce an arena mode?

Maybe in the future this functionality will appear in the game.

Will the new character have some kind of starting set of food and water?

There will be, only if you purchased an early access card, in other cases, there will be no food and water.

How often do you have to eat and drink?

Regularly. This will help you survive on Kepler-438b.

Is it possible to play a female character?

Yes, it is.

Are you planning to add automatical gathering regime to the game?

No, we are not.

What is the PvP mode in the game for?

Each player decides for himself how to get resources and what behaviour model his character prefers. Some may disagree with the idea of peaceful coexistence with other colonists. These characters will seek to take possession of valuable resources at any cost. In addition, the game will introduce a number of special modes, which will serve as a great motivation for players.

How the intoxication works?

Intoxication is the negative condition that decreases the character health level and is able even to kill him.

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