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Outpost - How to Get Starting Gear

Created by ZOx0   ::   May 5, 2020    

How to Get Starting Gear

Start Level 1, Start the Wave(D key), then quit the round. You will get 2 Exp, and a Common White Item.

Some Stats That I found useful are:

  • +1 Tower damage.
  • +1 Stone per gather.
  • +1 Wood per gather.

Note: You can equip 2 of the same weapon, just Left Click, and Right Click for each hand slot.

Good Luck lad dees.


  • Hold Shift while building a tower to place many at once.
  • Support Towers stack, and work with your main tower.
  • Remember to zoom out when the game starts (Scroll Wheel).

Game:   Outpost
Created by ZOx0.