XCOM: Chimera Squad – How to Get More Resources? (Cheat)

XCOM: Chimera Squad - How to Get More Resources? (Cheat)
XCOM: Chimera Squad - How to Get More Resources? (Cheat)

I will make a simple and quick guide on how to have infinite resources 🙂

How to Have Infinite Resources?

First we are going to this route where we have our game installed SteamsteamappscommonXCOM-Chimera-SquadXComGameConfig. We look for the configuration file DefaultStrategyAction.ini

We open it and here we can find all the resources of the game:

; Starting Resources
StartingIntel[0]=9999 ; Easy
StartingIntel[1]=9999 ; Normal
StartingIntel[2]=9999 ; Hard
StartingIntel[3]=9999 ; Impossible
StartingCredits[0]=9999 ; Easy
StartingCredits[1]=9999 ; Normal
StartingCredits[2]=9999 ; Hard
StartingCredits[3]=9999 ; Impossible
StartingElerium[0]=9999 ; Easy
StartingElerium[1]=9999 ; Normal
StartingElerium[2]=9999 ; Hard
StartingElerium[3]=9999 ; Impossible
; Passive Income config
PassiveIncomeDayIndex=5 ; Friday (1 = Monday, 7 = Sunday)
; Mission Rewards
BaseReward_Credits[0]=9999 ; Easy
BaseReward_Credits[1]=9999 ; Normal
BaseReward_Credits[2]=9999 ; Hard
BaseReward_Credits[3]=9999 ; Impossible
BaseReward_Intel[0]=9999 ; Easy
BaseReward_Intel[1]=9999 ; Normal
BaseReward_Intel[2]=9999 ; Hard
BaseReward_Intel[3]=9999 ; Impossible
BaseReward_Elerium[0]=9999 ; Easy
BaseReward_Elerium[1]=9999 ; Normal
BaseReward_Elerium[2]=9999 ; Hard
BaseReward_Elerium[3]=9999 ; Impossible

Here I already modified values now they only have to copy and paste that in their game configuration file and after they save it they start a new game 🙂

They can also change the values that they only need in the game, in case they don’t like mine.

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