Generation Zero – Full Hard Mode Guide

Generation Zero - Full Hard Mode Guide
Generation Zero - Full Hard Mode Guide

This game feels too easy for you? Feels like you’re a rambo with poop-ton of ammo that have been shoved right into your a55? Are you a little bit cracked off because this game lost its potential? Injured? Good.

Guide to Hardcore Gameplay


Why we playing Generation Zero? It has unique concept and atmosphere. I’ve haven’t seen people playing like this, everyone just trying to collect loot and just running around killing robots. Sure It’s fun, but this guide is mostly aimed on people who blaming this game for its (wow!) boringness and farming aspects. Sometimes you need to change the direction of your view in order to enjoy the game.

Skill Trees

Your Equipment

This is what amount you need to carry in your pockets. The following numbers will have a value of the “limit”.

About ammo

  • Handguns: 125
  • Shotguns: 40-80
  • Submachine Guns: 280
  • Rifles: 40-60
  • Assault Rifles: 200-250
  • Grenade Launchers: 4-8
  • Grenades: 4 for each.


  • 50 for flares/fireworks and other sparkle items.
  • Radio/Boombox/Comm.Array 5 for each.

Other Explosives

As much as you want (It’s fun!)


  • 5 EMP for each
  • 1 Field Radio

You can carry as much weapons as you want. But no more than 1 of each class.

About resistive clothes

  • You can wear clothes that give you only 1% of resistance.
  • (Gasmask is allowed. If you feeling funny, you can wear it all the time like I do).

About healing

  • Simple FAK (30-50)
  • Standart FAK (10-15)
  • Advanced FAK (5-8)
  • PRP (3)

Use adrenaline shot only twice on yourself per combat. Carry only 2 if you’re alone. 4 if you’re playing with friend.

Controversy Cases

  1. If you’re on looting, you can carry items over your “limits”. But don’t forget to get back to a safehouse to empty your pockets as soon as possible.
  2. If you wanna raid a chonky boy, you can carry as much ammo as you want.
  3. You don’t need to kill every robot on your way.
  4. This guide aimed for a singleplayer game, I’ve haven’t tested it with more players. If you want to try it with someone I’ve reccoment you to play only Duo.
  5. Don’t forget to set difficulty on max, champ.


This guide may cause mixed feelings. I also did it because I wanted to test my english/editing skills. I cannot buy this game for myself because I’m broke lol, so if you really enjoyed it and you want to see my other steam guides on Generation Zero, you know what to do. This game gives good vibes, especially when you’re trying to clear that goddamn bunker, and you have only 3 gas tanks and 2 mines with pistol and assault rifle with 2 mags.

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