Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul – Improve Online Gaming

Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul - Improve Online Gaming
Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul - Improve Online Gaming

Online Efficiency to Fix Lag

  • Steam settings.
  • Windows settings and optimization.
  • Apps optimization.
  • Other devices on the network.
  • Hardware optimizations.

Right-click on the little Steam icon near the Windows clock → go to Steam Settings → In-Game → set the in-game Server Browser Max Ping/Minute down to 250

Steam → Library → all games → right click on Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul → RIGHT CLICK → Properties → SET LAUNCH OPTIONS… → add this string:

  • -dxlevel 80 +mat_antialias 0 window

Make sure all the applications are closed, browsers, everything. Even if there are any unnecessary application in the Windows tray (the little icons where Windows Clock is).

Windows loads lots of garbage at the startup by default. Before playing, by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then clicking on TASK MANAGER (or, more easily, CTRL+ALT+ESC) you can see many useless processes that can take up both CPU and Internet Network resources. Also, look for unnecessary processess/apps that take RAM or CPU (things like Java Checker, Calculator, iTunes, YourPhone.exe, etc.). Make sure to select all those and click on the END TASK button to the bottom right corner of the window.

Make sure to close all internet BROWSERs, including their icon near the Windows Tray (where’s Windows’ clock, lower right corner of the screen).

Make sure that your cellphones are not doing anything on the internet. Possibly, put the cellphones on Airplane mode, so they won’t eat bandwidth.

If your laptop is old, get a good, large, 4 fans (or a 1 huge fan) laptop cooler, put it under the laptop, and turn it on when you play the game. For example DeepCool Multi Core X6 is good!

Also, modify Windows’ STEAM hyperlink (shortcut), by adding these options in the Target field contained in the Shortcut tab (right click with the mouse and then click on properties):

  • “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteam.exe” -console -no-browser

Write it exactly like this and SAVE it.

BEFORE opening SSSS, open Steam first with those options, and then SSSS. In this way, Steam will have no web console and will be lighter on the connection. Also, minimize the STEAM FRIENDS window.

Make sure no other devices are doing something heavy on the internet (smartphone, tablet, etc.), like streaming music, downloading stuff, etc.

Use the LAN (ethernet) CABLE if you can. Wi-Fi completely sucks for lag and online multiplaying. If you cannot have access to your router from your computer with a LAN Ethernet cable, you can get the D-Link Lan Over Power adapters, so that you install one in a power outlet in the router room, one in your computer room, and you use the electric wire as bridge for lan cables.

Possibly, get your laptop fully opened and cleaned internally, even the inside-air conduits and heatsink. And have the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU fully cleaned up and replaced with fresh new one (like Arctic Silver or, even better, the best one, Noctua H1 thermal paste.

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