Fallout 76 – How to Improve Performance

Fallout 76 - How to Improve Performance
Fallout 76 - How to Improve Performance

This guide will Inform you on how you can get your Fallout 76 running smooth.

Improve Performance Guide

Starting Off

Some people might not have played a “Bethesda Fallout game” before hence the dumb discussion forums or overall Crappy PC Builds But this is How you can Fully Get those fully Smooth frames.

Your Documents Folder and You

Located in every Documents folder there is something called “My Games” or some version of that.

That ‘Fallout76Prefs.ini” File is your key to 60+ frames. Within Game Limitations.

Now Inside that folder is a little thing called AntiAliassing

From here you can follow basically any Fallout 4 Optimization Guide on the Community Hub for anything you want to, Maybe make it run well on that gaming laptop you might have. All you Really Need to do is Change “SMAA” or “TAA” or any Setting that might be in there to “0” “Zero” you may now see Weird “Artifacting” on Grass or Shadows in the game but it’s better than having 30 frames on whatever setup you’re running.

Now If you’re Wondering what Vsync Does or “Where the Hell is it Located” There really isn’t a Vsync Command in any of the “INI” Files so you’ll have to either worth with “AMD Radeon Software” or anything that’s “NVIDIA Control Panel”

Finishing Off

Might Be some Missing Strings or Lines in the INI Files but eventually you can work the performance that way Don’t worry INI changes are client side and not cheating.

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